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Learn About The Holistic Bio Spa™

Can the difference between natural and western medicine be reconciled? Well, it depends on your approach. Learn the difference you can experience with the holistic alternative medicine services we provide and how these natural integrative healthcare solutions are beneficial for your long-term good.
Zoli Hargitai ND, MD, founder and owner of Holistic Bio Spa
Group of patients sitting in Holistic BIo Spa's waiting room
Happy and relaxed woman coming out of infrared sauna at the Holistic BIo Spa
Nurse helping patient relax with essential oils before colonic hydrotherapy at the Holistic Bio Spa
Man and woman relaxing at the Holistic Bio Spa and doing foot detox therapy
Happy Couple walking into Holistic BIo Spa's reception
Patientreceivng help from nurse to receive Hyperbaric Oxigen Therapy at Holistic BIo Spa
Woman feet while undergoing foot detox therapy and detoxing her body
Happy couple at the Holistic Bio Spa getting water from nurse

The healing sanctuary you need

Magic healing potions do not exist, but natural solutions do. Restoring natural balance to your body’s systemic functions will enable you to live a longer and healthier life without chronic illness.

The human organism is a complex network of integrated systems with simple and complex functions. When working harmoniously and efficiently, you are healthy. With this in mind, our team of health and medicine experts at our Alternative Medicine Center & Stem Cell Clinics in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, will guide you through an individualized treatment plan to heal and revitalize your metabolic and energetic systems for a better life and a better you.

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We use advanced clinical technology and natural methods to heal and optimize your mind, body, and spirit.

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Our team provides expert in-house health and diet coaching to free you from habits that cause premature cellular decay, cancer, toxins and pathogens.

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We provide 100% natural medicine, superfood, supplements, and practical exercises to fuel your new healthy lifestyle for as long as you live.

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Our whole-health techniques and guidance will help you improve your lifestyle and live free of chronic disease.

A health haven for personal healing and discovery

Amenities: chlorophyll alkaline water, organic snacks, and flowers at our alternative medicine clinic and stem cell therapy center in Mexico

You will never be judged here. You will never be pushed to perform a treatment you do not want. Since there are no big pharmaceutical companies to profit, we only suggest natural treatments and lifestyle changes that are truly in your best interests. Although personal beliefs may vary, we are confident (and successful) in our holistic alternatives for revitalizing the natural human healing properties of our patients.

The Holistic Bio Spa™ is a legally recognized stem cell therapy center and a medical alternative treatment center for Lyme disease, cancer, and other chronic degenerative diseases. Our main clinic is located 5 minutes from the PVR airport inside Plaza Marina of Puerto Vallarta and serves patients from all over the world. Our wellness clinic is conveniently located in Plaza Parabien of Nuevo Vallarta (about 20 minutes north of our main clinic). We seek to provide approach to gaining and maintaining true health, a more natural one.

This is a sacred place where men and women of all ages grow, heal, and care for themselves in a peaceful and safe environment.. You can have full assurance in our health care services because all of our treatments are 100% safe and clinically certified; from cancer treatments to treatments for neurological disorders and from stem cell therapy to regular detox and health maintenance.

Schedule a visit to talk with us about how our holistic alternative medicine treatments complements and at times differs from traditional allopathic, or western, medicine. Our team of experts will be glad to share what they have learned in over +150 combined experience of whole-body health.

What you can expect at Holistic Bio Spa

Circumstances differ just as everyone's healing journey is different. We follow a basic 3-step program to help you regain your health.
Phase | 1

Your doctor will evaluate your needs, recent clinical studies, symptoms, lifestyle, and personal habits. Then, with extensive laboratory blood testing for over 64 markers and other needed studies, they will identify and explain the root cause of your symptoms. After which, they will pool their expertise and knowledge to create a unique treatment plan designed to fit your circumstances and reach your personal health goals.

Phase | 2

Through a series of detoxing, stem cell therapies, and/or holistic treatments, you will begin to feel fresh, strong, and full of life. Restoring at a comfortable pace, your metabolic systems will return to optimal function as your entire being is recalibrated and set free from pathogens, energy blockages, and negative emotions that so often are the cause of diseases and premature systemic decay.

Phase | 3

With renewed control over your life, you can now devote yourself to cultivating positive habits that will nourish a healthy lifestyle. Our holistic medical specialists will give you all the coaching and tools you need to continue with on a nutritious diet, a fulfilling exercise program, and a regular detoxing system that works for you once you return home and to your regular activities.

  • Too good to be true?
    Most of our holistic alternative medicine treatments can work to cure, treat, or halt the progresion of any disease or adverse health condition! Sounds too good to be true? Let’s tackle the elephant in the room.

    Many people do not believe in natural, alternative medicine. But many, including health profesionals and scientists, are big advocates for alternative holistic medicine. To understand what alternative medicine treatments exist for your condition, first we need to understand how our holistic alternative medicine and regenerative treatments work. We need to understand how the body works.

    Everything in your body is connected for a reason.

    So it makes sense that by combining the science of modern medicine with proven ancient healing wisdom, we treat the whole-person, not just focusing on a single organ, sickness, or area.

    The medical services and natural treatments provided at Holistic Bio Spa function best when combined in a personalized program that fits your unique needs. We are not God. One cannot expect a single method to instantly heal a chronic problem nor specifically “cure” such an illness as cancer; rather, a personalized combination of key medical alternatives will contribute to your being healthy in the purest sense.

    Your body will heal on its own when given these optimal alternative medical treatments. We have grouped our main alternative health services and holistic stem cell treatments into categories but remember that a single treatment may be used to successfully treat several ailments.

Once you’re healed, is that the end? By no means! Remember that health is a journey, not a destination. You may continue to visit us every 6 months to 1 year for regular checkups and health maintenance and detox therapies.

View our alternative medicine treatments in Mexico.

Collage of patients getting alternative medical treatments from our medical team in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Patients consulting with one of our health experts about alternative medicine treatments and financing

FREE Telemedicine Evaluation!

Zero commitments, zero judgments, and zero risk — just a free virtual case evaluation where you will meet with one of our Patient Advisors to make sure we can provide the right treatments for your condition (before you jump on a plane).

Subsequently, one of our doctors may conduct a medical review of your case:

  • HIPAA compliant review of medical history and lab results

  • Virtual consultation with an expert matched to your needs

  • Proposed treatment plan PDF with timeline and budget

So, are you ready to take control of your health?

Does holistic medicine work?

Zoli inspired me to be proactively responsible for my own health by patiently educating, emotionally supporting, and treating me for three weeks. The resulting profound healing relief from years of suffering Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Arthritis gave me hope and confidence for many more retirement years of natural health to walk the beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

Sharon Sidoruk • online patient review of Holistic Bio Spa

I have been used to The Best Integrative Medicine Doctors in Seattle, Washington and wasn't sure what I would find when I got to this clinic, but I was amazed... I have been healed!! I am pain-free for the first time in 20 years, have lost 30 pounds, and plan to go back every winter to PV to maintain this new state of excellent health!!

Charlene Campbell • online patient review of Holistic Bio Spa

Meet our medical team at Holistic Bio Spa
Zoli Hargitai ND, owner of Holistic Bio Spa
Zoli Hargitai, ND

Alternative Cancer Treatments & Stem Cell Therapy Expert 

Zoli has been helping people heal with natural methods for over 35 years.

  • Naturopath
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • Quantum Biofeedback Specialist
  • Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Yoga Master
Simona Pop, MD, DMD, OMM at Holistic Bio Spa
Simona Pop, MD, DMD, OMM

From teaching seminars of OMM in Dallas TX and Phoenix AZ, to diagnosing and treating patients with heavy metal allergies, food allergies, cross allergies, and other diseases, Dr. Simona excels in providing her patients with a compassionate and professional orthomolecular approach to help them regain a better quality of life.

  • Medical Doctor, MD, – Doctor Physician majoring in General Medicine
  • Dental Medical Doctor, DMD, – Doctor Physician majoring in Dentistry
  • Certified Orthomolecular Medical Doctor-(OMM)
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist, (NMD)
  • Certified Clinical Environment Medical Doctor (EMD)
  • Certified Travel Medicine (TMD)
Dr. Eduardo Fernandez, Holistic Bio Spa
Eduardo Fernandez, MD

Medical Doctor & Stem Cell Expert

Dr. Eduardo Fernandez is a distinguished medical professional specializing in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine. He is a certified member of the Mexican College of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, as well as the Mexican Council of Stem Cells for Therapeutic and Research Purposes. Dr. Fernandez's certifications are the result of a rigorous 8-hour examination process, reserved for a select group of doctors who possess advanced knowledge and experience in these cutting-edge treatments. With only 50 certified doctors in Mexico, Dr. Fernandez's expertise is highly sought after and respected.

In addition to his national recognition, Dr. Fernandez is awaiting international certification from the renowned International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). Membership in this prestigious organization signifies Dr. Fernandez's extensive experience and expertise in stem cell treatments. The ISSCR includes prominent scientists from renowned universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and other esteemed institutions worldwide. Being a part of this elite society represents the pinnacle of honor and prestige in the field of stem cell therapies.

Furthermore, Dr. Fernandez is also seeking membership and international certification from the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV), the largest community of extracellular vesicle researchers globally. With only two thousand members worldwide, ISEV's select nature underscores Dr. Fernandez's exceptional dedication to advancing scientific knowledge in the study of exosomes and cellular messengers. By pursuing membership in ISEV, Dr. Fernandez continues to demonstrate his commitment to staying at the forefront of research and innovation in the field of regenerative medicine.

Take the first step to a better you

A better you is a life-long journey, not a destination. We are a complete team equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to create and maintain a healthy cancer-free lifestyle.
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