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Meet Dr. Simona Pop

Dr. Simona is a magnificent asset to the Holistic Bio Spa clinics in Mexico. Her years of experience with regenerative medicine and her love for people make her everyone's favorite! Learn more about her credentials and qualifications.
A life-long journey in Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine
View our expert's fascinating and extensive journey from Austria to Puerto Vallarta.
Sipona Pop, Dr. at the Holistic Bio Spa
Dr. Simona M. Pop MD, DMD, OMD, ND, ED, TD

Medical Doctor, Anti Aging Specialist, Orthomolecular Physician, Dentist and more

‘‘"By the proper intake of vitamins and other nutrients and by following a few other healthful practices from youth or middle age on, you can, I believe, extend your life and years of well-being by twenty-five or even thirty-five years". This is my motto in Holistic Bio Spa Clinics. -Dr. Simona

Dr Simona Pop was born in Austria and educated in multiple countries. She is fluent in English and German, and understands several other European languages. She is a passionate, caring doctor, always looking to improve, as you can see in all her many credentials and courses she has taken.

From teaching seminars of OMM in Dallas TX and Phoenix AZ, to diagnosing and treating patients with heavy metal allergies, food allergies, cross allergies, and other diseases, Dr. Simona excels in providing her patients with a compassionate and professional orthomolecular approach to help them regain a better quality of life.

She has a strong clerical background which helps her have deep respect for all religions. She loves being physically fit and active. But that is not all, she is full of surprises! She loves playing the piano and abstract painting. Now you know why we all love her!

Over 20 years of experience
And countless certifications
Medical Diploma Icon
  • Medical Doctor, MD, – Doctor Physician majoring in General Medicine 

  • Dental Medical Doctor, DMD, – Doctor Physician majoring in Dentistry

  • Certified Orthomolecular Medical Doctor-(OMM)

  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist, (NMD) 

  • Certified Clinical Environment Medical Doctor (EMD)

  • Certified Travel Medicine (TMD)

  • Certified Financial Advisory and Security Brokers

Certification Icon
Board Certifications
  • Professor at the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Research (IECM)-2021

  • Professor at Scientific Research Council of the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Research-2021

  • Director of Orthomolecular and Anti-Aging Medicine at the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Research -2021

  • GP in Mexico, UK, Romania & Austria

  • GM in Mexico, USA, Austria, Germany & Swiss

  • SAB Professor USA – 2015

  • ACIM Professor & SAB Member -07/2012

  • DMD in Austria 01/2000

Icon of stethoscope
Supplemental Training
  • “The biomolecular way to a balanced immune system in allergies, autoimmune diseases and immune deficiency”-VitOrgan- Germany January 24, 2022

  • “Adjuvant VitOrgan Treatments in Oncology “- VitOrgan- Germany October 2nd, 2021

  • IGMEDT 2020 – Internationale Ganzheitsmedizinische Tage Vienna Austria 03/06-08/2020

  • “Bio-identische Hormone in der Praxis-von Progesteron bis Melatonin”, Praxis Workshop 09/22-23/2018

  • “Xenoöstrogene” Dr. Landerberger München, Germany August 11, 2017

  • “DiagnostikFragebögen”. Dr. Landerberger München, Germany January 23, 2017

  • “Chelat” Teil.2 Dr. Landerberger München, Germany August 11, 2017

  • “Chelat” Teil.1 Dr. Landerberger München, Germany November, 2016

  • “Human / bio-identical hormones in prophylaxis and treatment of age-related diseases” -Oberursel, Germany 2015

  • Integrative Lyme Solutions, The Evidence Basis- Orlando, Florida on October the 25-26, 2013

  • Lyme Congress May, 2012 Graz Austria

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Why patients love us

Educated experts who are very thorough in their approach, they are communicative, compassionate, and 100% legitimate in their approach to root cause medicine. They do not jump into a treatment plan before they have a solid conclusion. Just get the consultation, and trust the process. No regrets, this team is incredible!

Kristin A • online patient review of Holistic Bio Spa

Very, very good service from professional medical personnel here. I brought my wife to address some issues she was having, and I am very grateful for the care she received. She is feeling so much better. Thank you!

Srinavasa R • online patient review of Holistic Bio Spa

Making a difference in the world

Dr. Simona has acquired extensive experience in the USA through clinical practice, teaching, and continual learning. This medical experience, in both the USA and Europe, is now available to her patients in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

She understands the causes of diseases, their association to nutrition, and importantly, the often overlooked effects of toxins in the body. She brings a new perspective to cancer and its treatments. Her advice is often the tipping point for patients to heal. Disease is so often nutritionally driven that a proper diet and supplements greatly assist in increasing the efficacy of treatments.

Whatever health condition you have been battling, know that there are always options! We invite you to meet Dr. Simona Pop and learn new ways to heal. She is a vastly qualified clinical doctor who wishes to provide good health to her patients. How? By means of thorough blood tests and examination that lead to a proper diagnosis and treatment for patients. What is the result? Healthier patients, greater longevity, and a more balanced body.


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