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Proven Treatments for Long COVID Recovery
at Multi-specialty Clinic

Over 10 million people are reporting Long COVID symptoms which are long-term effects for several weeks or months after being diagnosed with COVID-19 or suffering adverse symptoms after being vaccinated. Are you one of them? Learn what are the potential long-term effects of COVID and what natural medical treatments you can get for post-COVID syndrome at our multi-specialty clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

It's not "all in your head"

You must go beyond traditional blood tests

Repair the damage caused

What is Long Covid?

Long COVID is a real thing. First, let's explain what these symptoms are, why they occur, and what solutions are available to these patients.

Long COVID is a condition where an individual who has been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 experiences long-term negative health effects for several weeks or months after being diagnosed with COVID-19 or being vaccinated. Over 10 million people who have been infected with the coronavirus are reporting Long COVID symptoms.

So if you feel like your health declined after getting COVID-19, you are not delusional and you are not alone. Researchers call these long-lasting effects PASC (post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2) or Post-COVID Syndrome. And the term “COVID Long Hauler” has become common when referring to people who suffer with lingering effects of the virus. These long-term effects of COVID can be different for everyone, and they can affect different parts of the body. Symptoms may vary from mild to incapacitating and can involve multiple organs and systems.


How long do these “long-term” effects of COVID last?

The COVID pandemic happened in 2020 and years later, many people are still suffering effects of the virus! It is still unknown how long these negative effects last because the coronavirus pandemic is still quite recent. Emerging studies suspect extensive damage to be permanent, while lesser damage will be repaired by the body slowly over several months, perhaps even years. So scroll down for treatments that can help you address these symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Long COVID or PASC?

Currently there are over 200 symptoms of PASC, but the most common symptoms of Long COVID are:
Feeling tired icon

Feeling constantly tired and drowsy

Lungs icon

Shortness of breath and lung congestion

Tremors icon

Muscle weakness and tremors

Fever icon

Persistent fever and hot flashes

Brain fog icon

Brain fog, difficulty thinking and remembering

Smell icon

Change or loss of sense of smell and taste

Cough icon

Lingering cough and sneezing

Articular joint pain icon

Muscle aches and joint pains

Is there any good news? Yes, recovery is possible! At our clinic, there are many Long COVID treatments our doctors can provide so you can repair the systemic damage triggered by the virus.
Collage of our medical and clinical staff at our practice caring for patients

What causes Long COVID symptoms?

The virus that causes COVID-19 can cause immense damage to your organs and supportive nerve tissues. It is mainly the resulting extensive damage and inflammation that causes Long COVID or PASC. This can wreak havoc for several months on your body even if your symptoms were mild or you had no symptoms at first.
Organ damage icon
Organ Damage

While the body fights the invading pathogen, a lot of damage is done to your internal tissues.

Resulting scarring or lingering inflammation can impair multiple organs, including the lungs, heart, liver, kidney, skin, and brain. This can also cause a chronic autoimmune response where the body mistakenly attacks the healthy cells in your body.

Brain icon
Neurological issues

Many experience a combination of cognitive loss, dizziness, mood swings, anxiety, depression, crippling headaches, and POTS or “COVID-somnia”.

Damage caused to the brain can also cause strokes, seizures, Guillain-Barré syndrome even in young people. It also may increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Blood Clots

The spiky form of the coronavirus triggers an immune defense reaction that makes your blood cells more likely to clump together and form clots.

Even very small clots can clog tiny blood vessels (capillaries) causing them to leak or burst. Bigger blood clots can travel to the heart or brain causing heart attacks and strokes.

Yes, the coronavirus and all its variants are formidable foes to the body due to the way they virus affects your organs. That's why you need formidable treatments that are progressive, holistic, and non-toxic. Our doctors can help!

How many people have had long-term COVID effects?

Studies show about 25% of COVID patients develop long-lasting symptoms. To date, more than 490 million people around the world have had COVID. Many more are unreported or misdiagnosed and continue to suffer. That's why we are here to help.

‘‘“Long-term COVID—or post-acute COVID—affects a multitude of organ systems. From the neuropsychiatric perspective, you have patients with brain fog or cognitive impairment. Then, from a lung perspective, patients have persistence of shortness of breath, or dyspnea, and require ongoing oxygen treatment even after discharge and for weeks to months because of permanent damage to the lungs. As far as the cardiac system is concerned, there’s chest pain and shortness of breath.”

— Dr. Devang Sanghavi, intensivist and medical director of the medical intensive care unit at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida

The amount of people who report having Long COVID symptoms months or years after contracting the virus continues to grow. Because of these factors, the NIH has been given $1.15 billion in funding over four years to support research into the prolonged health consequences of SARS-CoV-2 infection. But research alone will not give these people lasting relief before their symptoms worsen. If you or someone you know has experienced adverse health conditions due to exposure to the coronavirus, you must seek treatment from a qualified doctor to address the issue before it worsens. So share these treatments for post-COVID syndrome with a friend in need!


Our Holistic Approach to Treating Post-COVID Syndrome

Since 2019, we have treated so many patients with COVID, including our very own chief practitioner, Zoli Hargitai, ND. As sworn healthcare practitioners, we agreed to share with the world the lessons we learned on how to treat COVID-19 successfully with holistic medicine!
lab tests icon
Extensive Lab Tests

Before you are given any treatments for Long COVID, our doctors carry out a comprehensive consultation and appropriate in-depth blood tests to determine the root cause of your symptoms and the extent of the damage. Using our clinical protocols and holistic treatments, we can restore the harmonic balance to your bodily systems.

medical treatment protocol icon
Medical Treatment Protocol

There are many holistic treatments that naturally stimulate rapid and increased cellular regeneration of your organs and nerve tissues. These treatments will help repair any damage done to your body. Once the tests reveal what you need, you will be given an affordable and personalized treatment plan to match what your body really needs to function the way you want it to.

caring doctors icon
Your Caring Doctors

You will have regular follow-ups and ongoing monitoring to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. Our Clinic offers a complete program that includes a clinically tailored nutritional program with lifestyle and health risk factors so you can continue enjoying the vibrant life you want.

New Protocol: Treatments for Long COVID

Our doctors have tested, applied, and proved our philosophy of holistic care to create medical treatment protocols that have helped patients get rid of the immediate and long-term symptoms associated with the disease and recover fully. These are some top treatments that are being used at our clinics to treat the long-term effects of COVID:
Collage of treatments at Holistic Bio Spa to help with long covid effects
  • Plasmapheresis

    Plasmapheresis is a medical procedure that filters and purifies the blood by removing harmful antibodies located in the plasma, such as excessive spike proteins of the coronavirus, which can cause damage to the body or trigger an autoimmune response. By means of plasmapheresis, the blood is filtered, and the spike proteins are removed, resulting in reduced inflammation and other chronic Long COVID symptoms.

    Plasmapheresis has been used in the treatment of COVID-19, particularly in the early stages of the pandemic, as a way to remove coronavirus antibodies from the blood of infected individuals. However, the use of plasmapheresis for this purpose has been largely supplanted by the use of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines which some have found to be more effective whereas others have experienced major complications as a result.

    Plasmapheresis is beneficial for patients who contracted COVID-19 or were vaccinated and are experiencing long-hauler symptoms. With lower spike proteins roaming in their system, most patients experience a significant reduction in symptoms after the 1st session. The plasmapheresis device is FDA-approved, and there are no adverse side effects of the treatment when done by a qualified medical professional. If the patient receives additional vaccination booster doses, the procedure can be repeated to lower the amount of coronavirus spike protein in the blood.

    Before your spike protein removal treatment, our doctors run extensive blood tests (such as a 64-marker liquid biopsy) or a Live Bloodcell Microscopy to determine the levels of spike protein in the blood. A doctor will then prescribe the appropriate plasmapheresis sessions, also known as plasma exchange (PLEX), pheresis, apheresis, or blood washing. We’ve used plasmapheresis to lower Long COVID patients’ spike protein levels from ~600,000 down to below 10 in post-treatment blood analyses!

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that consists of a patient entering a treatment chamber that is then pressurized up to 3 times the normal atmospheric pressure to provide massive oxygenation while breathing in compressed air. By bombarding your system with oxygen in this way, every pore, organ, and tissue will be fully oxygenated, thus promoting system-wide healing! Commonly nested under the diving medicine specialty, hyperbaric medicine is also used in holistic, regenerative, and sports medicine. This treatment is performed in a clinic with a pressure chamber and a way of delivering oxygen. The HBOT procedure is operated and monitored by qualified health professionals who will make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times.


    • Celular regeneration and injury repair
    • Metabolic and neurological rehabilitation
    • Neutralizes pathogens and reduces soft-tissue inflammation
  • NAD Therapy

    NAD is a coenzyme present in almost every living cell in your body that besides protecting your DNA, it can help slow down the adverse effects of aging. It also works to support ATP (the “energy currency of life” according to biologists) production and keep your mitochondria healthy, which means that it helps your body to properly generate and synthesize energy. The benefits of such a therapy range from returned vitality, easing of stress and anxiety, regulating gene expression (useful for genetic afflictions and cancer), and slowing down the aging of your cells. 

  • High-dose Intravenous Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is an essential lipid-soluble vitamin and steroid prohormone. The benefits of Vit D are not limited to the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and the maintenance of bone health. It has been demonstrated that Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is associated with:

    • cardiovascular diseases
    • tumors
    • respiratory infections
    • asthma
    • and other diseases




  • C60 Treatment

    What is C60?

    C60 is a well-known fullerene, made up of 60 carbon atoms. Because of the way these atoms bond together, C60 interacts with free radicals in the environment, giving the molecule strong antioxidant properties.

    Antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress is thought to play a role in aging, as well as several health conditions, such as:

    • Neurodegenerative diseases
    • Cancer
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes

    Because it has antioxidant properties, some people take C60 as a supplement. 


  • Pine Needles Treatments

    Pine needles and pine needle tea can be beneficial for health. There is even a high possibility that they would be beneficial in supporting the body in preventing, fighting, and healing from a viral infection. They contain Vitamin C and A. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Helpful for colds and flu because it helps decongest and soothe sore throats.
    • Great for allergies.
    • Can reduce blood pressure.
    • Slows oxidative stress, which is great to slow aging.
  • Ozone Therapy

    Ozone Therapy is an alternative medical procedure that uses O3 administered to a patient to neutralize bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. Ozone also activates the immune system and reduces inflammation caused by disease.

    For over 150 years, ozone therapy has been used and heavily studied in medicine. The effects of ozone in the body are safe, consistent, and proven with very minimal and preventable side effects. Today, medical ozone is used successfully against Lyme disease, cancer, and degenerative disorders.

  • 10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy

    The 10-pass hyperbaric ozone therapy safely delivers a powerful dose of pure ozone to a patient’s bloodstream in under 2 hours. This advanced ozone generator combines positive (hyperbaric) and negative (vacuum) pressure with a closed-circuit or closed-loop autohemotherapy system to:

    • Withdraw 200 cc of blood slowly by vacuum
    • Heparinize the blood so it doesn’t clot
    • Mix blood with 200cc of O2 and O3 mixture at 70 Mcg/ml
    • Return ozonated blood into the bloodstream under 2 ATA pressure
    • Repeat for 10 passes

    The entire ozone treatment is completed within 60-90 minutes making the blood ultra-clean, boosting the immune system, and eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa.

  • Stem Cell Therapy

    Mesenchymal stem cells allow your body to heal and repair like it did when you were an infant. These stem-cells have the unique ability to become any natural cell in the body—enabling your body to regenerate and produce needed healthy cells to reverse or prevent health conditions.

  • Exosomes

    Exosomes help coordinate the distribution of needed proteins, lipids, DNA, and RNA at the right place and at the right time.

    Exosomes can also halt the distribution of disease and malignant or mutated cells, both preventing and helping to reverse illness.

  • Vitamin C IV

     IV drip therapy is a magnificent way to get a large dosage of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants into your bloodstream. IV vitamin C therapy helps protect the cell structures including protein, collagen, and DNA from reactive oxygen species (ROS) and oxyradicals. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C help decrease the symptoms of high-stress chronic illnesses.

    A well-known benefit of vitamin C is that it increases the ability of the body to fight viral and bacterial infections. When administered directly in the veins, your body is able to absorb much more of this vital health component, a safe dose that simply could not be achieved by taking vitamin C tablets or oral solutions.

  • Megavitamin Cocktail Intravenous Drip

    This Megavitamin Cocktail Intravenous Drip will boost your energy levels and restore essential trace minerals and vitamins so your body can replenish and regenerate.


  • Immunoglobulin Intravenous Drip

    This therapy can help people with compromised immune systems fight off infections.

Meet our medical team at Holistic Bio Spa
Zoli Hargitai ND, owner of Holistic Bio Spa
Zoli Hargitai, ND

Alternative Cancer Treatments & Stem Cell Therapy Expert 

Zoli has been helping people heal with natural methods for over 35 years.

  • Naturopath
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • Quantum Biofeedback Specialist
  • Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Yoga Master
Dr. Eduardo Fernandez, Holistic Bio Spa
Eduardo Fernandez, MD

Medical Doctor & Stem Cell Expert

Dr. Eduardo Fernandez is a distinguished medical professional specializing in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine. He is a certified member of the Mexican College of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, as well as the Mexican Council of Stem Cells for Therapeutic and Research Purposes. Dr. Fernandez's certifications are the result of a rigorous 8-hour examination process, reserved for a select group of doctors who possess advanced knowledge and experience in these cutting-edge treatments. With only 50 certified doctors in Mexico, Dr. Fernandez's expertise is highly sought after and respected.

In addition to his national recognition, Dr. Fernandez is awaiting international certification from the renowned International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). Membership in this prestigious organization signifies Dr. Fernandez's extensive experience and expertise in stem cell treatments. The ISSCR includes prominent scientists from renowned universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and other esteemed institutions worldwide. Being a part of this elite society represents the pinnacle of honor and prestige in the field of stem cell therapies.

Furthermore, Dr. Fernandez is also seeking membership and international certification from the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV), the largest community of extracellular vesicle researchers globally. With only two thousand members worldwide, ISEV's select nature underscores Dr. Fernandez's exceptional dedication to advancing scientific knowledge in the study of exosomes and cellular messengers. By pursuing membership in ISEV, Dr. Fernandez continues to demonstrate his commitment to staying at the forefront of research and innovation in the field of regenerative medicine.

Who is a candidate for getting “Long COVID” sequelae treatments?

Anyone who has experienced the lingering effects of getting the virus can be a candidate. Our clinic’s alternative medicine treatments do no harm, on the contrary, they can only help boost your natural immune system defenses!
  • ↓ "I got seriously sick from the virus and have not been the same since"

    Do you feel like you just can’t shake off the virus or that you still haven’t fully recovered all your strength and senses? Whether you developed serious symptoms or not, recent data is showing that about 25% of COVID-19 patients develop long-lasting symptoms. Our treatments will help successfully repair the damage and reduce future health risks for you!

  • ↓ "It wasn't so bad but now I have lingering symptoms"

    Many have tested positive for COVID but did not demonstrate any symptoms at first. Others had all the symptoms, yet tests came back negative. Still others developed lingering symptoms until after being vaccinated. Studies show that these ones may be at risk of developing long-term health risks later on whether they have been vaccinated and or not. As a preemptive strike, our treatments will help prevent the disease from quietly inflicting permanent damage.

  • ↓ "Seeing what's happened to others, I want to avoid getting badly ill"

    This virus is not going away so we must all learn to live with the risk of being infected. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and observing the safety measures outlined by the WHO and the CDC, you can avoid getting infected. A less aggressive protocol using the same treatments at our clinic can be used to boost your natural defenses against any bacteria, parasite, or virus. And in the event you do get sick, our doctors can take care of you using a more aggressive protocol! 

Long Haul post-COVID syndrome treatments Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Do you see the difference between our approach and traditional hospitals that prefer synthetic drugs? We go to the root of the problem by removing the pathogen and helping the body repair the damage caused by the virus.

At our clinics, we have helped many patients recover fully, even one patient who was given no hope at a local hospital. So if you or somebody you know has been really sick due to COVID-19 and they just can’t seem to fully recover, schedule a free evaluation (remote or in-person) at our clinic. We can help repair organ damage, restore balance to your system, and strengthen your immune system to prevent getting sick—the natural way. Blood tests, a medical review, and a series of treatments will be prepared for you.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We believe this is the case in preventing a life of decaying health and ongoing medical expenses due to long haul COVID-19 syndrome.

Get rid of Long COVID. Get back to being you!
This pandemic has taken too much from us already. We don’t want to let your health be another casualty. Schedule a free evaluation to find out what options our doctors have for any long-term post-COVID effects you may be struggling with. We'll get to the root of the problem, together.
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