Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy at our alternative medicine center is a treatment option that stimulates self-healing on a cellular basis like never before. This fast-evolving medical initiative involves regenerating your body’s organs, tissues, and even neurological system. What is stem cell therapy? How do stem cells work? What conditions can it treat? Read on to get the answers.


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In a nutshell, stem cells allow your body to heal and repair like it did when you were an infant. Stem-cells have the unique ability to become any natural cell in the body—enabling your body to regenerate and produce needed healthy cells to reverse or prevent health conditions. Our pluripotent stem cells come from umbilical tissues from placentas. The method of extraction and cultivation never damages or endangers the unborn baby nor the pregnant mother. This fantastic and ever-evolving therapy can help:

  • Heal cancerous organs and tissues.
  • Speed up recovery time from injuries or surgeries, even preventing the formation of scar tissue.
  • Reduce pain—especially joint pain caused by chronic disease.
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility, and sleep quality.
  • Repair nerve damage and regenerate brain cells.
  • Increase collagen—when used for cosmetic procedures.
  • Reduce and restore hair loss.

"There’s no limit to the types of diseases that could be treated with stem cell research." The California Stem Cell Agency

Stem cell therapy (also known as regenerative medicine) in its many forms is becoming recognized and legalized in many places around to world thanks to the over 20 years of ongoing unprecedented results in clinical trials. At our alternative medicine center & cancer clinic, we offer various safe and certified stem cell therapies that can treat and prevent a wide array of conditions for you and your family.


What Others are Saying About Stem Cell Therapy

Click play and watch what respected peers in the world medical community and real patients say about the healing power contained in stem cells.

‘‘Robert looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘But Sandrine, these are adult patients—adults do not grow new nerve cells.’ And much to his surprise, I said, ‘Well, actually, we do.' Robert isn't a neuroscientist..."
– Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret

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‘‘He said there is no cure, and I was pregnant with twins. It was absolutely devastating to know that I would be a mom and that I would eventually go blind.”
– Rosie Barrero, recovering her sight thanks to stem cell therapy.

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‘‘I was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2015. They said, ‘You’ve got cancer and unfortunately it’s metastasized to your liver and it’s also moved to your lungs as well.’"
– Tom Howing, stage 4 cancer vanished thanks to stem cell therapy.

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How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

The term stem cell therapy can relate to several types of procedures involving the use of cells that have the potential to mature, transform, or stimulate natural cellular regeneration in the body.

Type of stem cells we use at Holistic Bio Spa

There are stem cells called iPSCs that are extracted from your own body, such as those involved in bone marrow transplants or various forms of prolotherapy, but these are limited to becoming that specific type of cell; in other words, an extracted red blood cell cannot become a brain cell, heart cell, nor a lung cell.

Another the main type of stem cells that we use for treating medical conditions are embryonic stem cells, which originate from the placenta (not the embryo itself) within the 1st trimester.

All stem cells have restorative properties. However, embryonic stem cells especially are teeming with 100% natural growth potential thanks to the wondrous processes during pregnancy and can:

  • Heal cancer-infected organs and tissues.
  • Speed up recovery time from injuries or surgeries, even preventing the formation of scar tissue.
  • Reduce pain—especially joint pain caused by chronic disease.
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility, and sleep quality.
  • Repair nerve damage and regenerate brain cells.
  • Increase collagen—when used for cosmetic procedures.
  • Reduce and restore hair loss.

Once the right type of stem cell is identified for your condition, a highly-screened and tested concentration of the needed cellular samples are obtained from world-class stem cell university institutions in Mexico and overseas. This sample is then carefully implanted, injected or administered intravenously to copy the cells in your human DNA template of the affected area and produce healthy, new, strong cells in that region. Think of stem cell as hitting the reset button for your body, allowing your healthy cells to be loaded back into the system and flushing out the errors.

So, in short, what does this all mean for you?
You will experience a major difference in healing time, energy levels, and clarity of thought as your body heals from the inside out like it used to when you were a kid.

Often used complementarily with our alternative treatments for cancer, degenerative neurological disorders, and other holistic health services, the success of stem cell therapy increases when the body has been detoxed and you are eating better.

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Patient at Holistic Bio Spa getting an IV representing intravenous nano stem cell therapy as an alternative medicine treatment

Stem Cells: Uses & Functions in Medicine Today

Stem cells called are young, undefined cells that have the ability to renew themselves and turn into any cell of the body! This means these healthy stem cells (called pluripotent cells from Latin pluri- ‘several’ + Latin potent- ‘being able’) can be placed into another part of the body that is damaged and the cell will transform into the exact type of cell needed in order to repair.

Unlike other mature “adult” cells, these stem cells divide and can naturally become another type of “specialized” cell. By contrast, mature adult stem cells, are present throughout our life as part of the body’s internal regeneration and repair system. These adult cells are "fully differentiated”, or ironically teased as “set in their ways”, meaning they can't choose another career; adult stem cells are what they are and do what they do.

On the other hand, embryonic stem cells can stimulate rapid healthy-cell reproduction of heart cells, brain cells, muscle cells, skin cells, you name it.


When sick, injured, or simply suffering from the decaying effects of old age, the human body works very hard to protect and heal itself. Millions upon millions of internal processes are signaling to create new skin, muscle, organ, and nerve cells so you can continue living. But the passing of many years, a serious injury, a chronic ailment such as cancer or a neurodegenerative disease are too much for your body to handle on its own. Stem cell therapy is like sending in an entire army that will help you win the war for your life.

Properly controlled and guided by our specialists and medical team at Holistic Bio Spa, these stem cells can regenerate the joints of people who suffer from arthritis, help patients cure their lymphoma (like our own certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Juan Ortega did), and empower cancer patients’ immune system with ammunition to target and beat spreading cancer cells.

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Back in 2006, a “breakthrough discovery” by geneticists showed how some specialized adult stem cells could be “reprogrammed” as virtually any cell type in the body and thus be used to help repair damaged tissue.

In the last decade, researchers continue making history and today, our holistic health center & cancer clinic now offers the same promising stem cell treatment options for patients who want holistic solutions instead of the traditional allopathic recommendations.

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With these unique regenerative properties, relatively any disease or condition can be treated or prevented today with stem cells. Keep in mind that stem cell therapy is rapidly growing among thousands of specialized research centers across the globe. New stem cell innovations and techniques that are being tested will only bring us closer and closer to the cure for many ”incurable” and degenerative diseases that plague humanity.

As of today, this marvelous initiative is already saving lives and improving the quality of life in multiple treatment fields:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Wound healing therapy after surgery or trauma
  • Heart disease including hypertension and artherosclerosis
  • Vision repair (not quite healing blindness, but close)
  • Diabetes and other pancreatic dysfunctions
  • Degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), etc.
  • Brain trauma and spinal cord injuries

It is important to remember that no single therapy—not even stem cell therapy—can be single-handedly be accredited to curing a disease. Rather, it is a holistic approach of natural medicine, complementary therapies, and diet and lifestyle changes that will help eliminate the problem, reinforce your body’s natural systems, and prevent the problem from ever developing again.


Find out what patients think about the Holistic Bio Spa

‘‘My husband had a health crisis 3 years ago and after exhausting what medical doctors in the US had to offer, we temporarily moved ourselves to Puerto Vallarta to try all of the alternative health options available to us. In our health journey, we found Zoli and his team. We did the Quantum Bio-feedback, vitamin C IVs and colonics. We also did sauna therapy and ionic foot cleanse. In all, I'd have to say that they played an instrumental part in making my husband well again. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Facebook review of Jasmine Jennings • patient from Washington, USA

‘‘I am so happy to have found this peaceful, professional, and modern site for getting IV drip of Vitamin C. In the same week as the American medical community has recognized Vitamin C reduces tumor growth, I found this place through my research since I have breast cancer in remission. The professional atmosphere and variety of homeopathic services at affordable prices are a wonderful surprise for me here in my new home in Puerto Vallarta.”

Brady Bevis Dresden • breast cancer survivor from California, USA


Ask Your Holistic Doctor If Stem Cell Therapy Is For You

Remember that however promising, there is no magic cure for all diseases. Stem cell therapy at our alternative medicine center is always accompanied by complementary holistic therapies and lifestyle changes. Our doctors work only with certified institutions to get the right type of stem cells for your condition. Schedule a consultation to talk about how you can harness the healing power of stem cells!

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