Two Truths and a Lie About Your Naturopath MD, Zoli Hargitai

The Holistic Bio Spa has grown to a large family of patients, therapists, and holistic naturopath physicians in Puerto Vallarta. Our holistic family spans all the way across Europe and back to the Americas. One of our favorite parts of serving American, Canadian, and Mexican patients is getting to know you and your families! We adore […]

Rocket launch your sexual libido

How to Increase Sexual Libido Naturally (You’d Never Guess!)

  Has your sex drive taken a downward turn in recent years? Stop googling for “ways to increase sexual libido” and aphrodisiac potions; start addressing the real problem from the inside out. In this post, we’ll show you the reasons why your sex drive has diminished, how to reverse the damage and get your mojo […]