Human Touch - Woman getting her feet massaged

Therapeutic Massage: the Holistic Power of Touch

Holistic Bio Spa is excited to hand the stage back to our lovely Jaqui Kar. She is back to tell us about her experience with the therapeutic massage at The Holistic Bio Spa and the benefits she experienced.     Wow, what a week. It felt like a full moon every day! Actually, it’s been […]

Man receiving a non-surgical nose job at the Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta

Holistic Beauty: Non-surgical Nose Job

Due to it’s widely accepted success rate and non-invasive nature, a rhinoplasty (or non-surgical nose job) is one of the most desired cosmetic enhancement procedures of the decade. Many choose not to undergo a plastic surgery because they want to avoid hospital expenses and a long recovery process. That is why Holistic Bio Spa has the […]

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3 Easy Holistic Stretching Tips

In our previous article, we shared with you 3 easy stretches you can do in bed to keep you healthy. And as promised, we will show you 3 more holistic stretching tips. It’s possible to stay healthy even with a busy schedule, and together, we can achieve our goal!