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We always deliver on our promises, so here are more secrets to sweet slumber from our holistic medicine center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After you get these super easy steps, you can illuminate your friends on the power of sweet slumber.

Last week, we chiseled away at insomnia. Those who struggle sleeping at night have started to implement those two unconventional hacks to sleep at night.


The holidays are at full speed, so it’s understandable if you find yourself more stressed now on your “holiday break” than you are most of the busy work year. Take care of yourself, at least invest in a good night’s rest. The benefits include:

  • waking up every morning feeling repaired, energized, and relaxed
  • being more focused throughout the day
  • stabilizing your mood
  • looking and feeling more attractive & confident

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What could be at the root of not sleeping at night? It could be that your brain isn’t phasing into it’s natural REM cycles properly. The solution? Create an action plan or to-do list for tomorrow before you go to bed. Once you know that nothing important will be forgotten the next day, your brain won’t see the need of flooding your subconscious with reminders at 3.35 AM while you’re trying to regenerate your body.

PRO TIP: Once you’ve mastered the basics, also include in that to-do list your morning ritual/exercise. (More on that subject soon!)




Can your toaster oven cool down when it’s still powered up? So what makes us think we can enjoy repairing sleep if emails and late-night TV govern our evenings?

To unwind completely, sift out technology and incorporate real books (or night time Kindles). Start slowing down at the same time the sun goes down. Personally, I prefer candle-lit environments over artificial lighting (to a reasonable degree, of course). Try dimming the lights about an hour or so before you go to bed.

PRO TIP: Download a night-time app to automatically adjust the lighting on your electronics so that it doesn’t mess with your sleep cycle.




Stretching is not only to be performed before a 100m hurdle. Think of how relaxed you feel after a good massage… now imagine enjoying that same feeling before going to bed every night! Listen to your instincts and do a few stretches before bed. I like to use a foam roller or do some light yoga before bed to get the blood and oxygen flowing through my muscles (ps. the brain is a big muscle).


That’s all! So simple! The solution to so many of your problems can be found in the simplest of lifestyle tweaks. Finally, you can put an end to:

  • tossing and turning
  • worrying about the following day
  • sleeping in increments
  • waking up at odd hours to stare at the ceiling


Most people who have come down on their medical tourism healing vacation to our alternative medicine center in Puerto Vallarta have reported the above symptoms when trying to sleep at nights. Those who do manage to doze off at night remark not feeling rested or energized in the throughout the day (even if they get more than 7 hours sleep).


ONE MORE PRO TIP: Our Sleep Therapy and SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device can diagnose and treat emotional, chemical, and hormonal disorders that may be affecting your sleep. This is just one of our many holistic medicine treatments to promote sweet slumber.


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Your turn: do you think these tips can finally topple long-standing insomnia?

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Zoli and the Holistic Bio Spa team.