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Pink ribbon repesenting alternative treatments for brest cancer at The Holistic Bio Spa

The Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is now offering non-toxic, potentially curative, natural treatments for breast cancer. This article will explain the benefits of alternative natural treatments for cancer and what are some natural treatments you can get to restore your health while enjoying a beautiful, relaxing vacation in the exotic and captivating city of Puerto Vallarta.


 What are the benefits of natural treatments for breast cancer?

“I am so happy to have found this peaceful, professional, and modern site for getting an IV drip of Vitamin C. In the same week as the American medical community has recognized Vitamin C reduces tumor growth, I found this place through my research since I have breast cancer in remission. The professional atmosphere and variety of homeopathic services at affordable prices are a wonderful surprise for me here in my new home in Puerto Vallarta.”

Brady Bevis Dresden • actual patient of Holistic Bio Spa and a proud breast cancer survivor from California, USA


If you have breast cancer, you might want to explore alternative natural treatments that will help you fight cancer successfully and regain an emotional, physical and mental balance in your life. The following are some of the benefits of our alternative therapies:

  • Feel empowered
  • Regain strength
  • Forget about the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy

7 of the best natural treatments for breast cancer:

  1. Nutritional program and a special fast to starve the cancer
  2. Vitamin C IV
  3. Ozone Therapy
  4. FAR infrared sauna
  5. Extensive emotional release therapies
  6. Nebulizer with glutathione
  7. Exercise breathing-in pure oxygen (EWOT)

See all of our alternative treatments for cancer here.

At the Holistic Bio Spa, our team of experts takes care of you every step of the way. We make sure you are comfortable and happy while you heal and recharge your body from the inside out. If you have any questions, book your FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION! Our physicians, Zoli Hargitai, ND and Jake Ames, MD, HMD, can help you make an educated decision for your health.

“Though times never last, but though people do”.
Robert H. Schuller

Call us to make your appointment +52 (322) 221 1607 and help your body heal with the best alternative natural treatments for breast cancer.

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