ARTÍCULOS de Medicina Holística en México

¡Encuentra los mejores tutoriales para desintoxicarse, información de nuestros servicios holísticos, y promociones de temporada!

ARTÍCULOS De Medicina Holística En México

¡Encuentra los mejores tutoriales para desintoxicarse, información de nuestros servicios holísticos, y promociones de temporada!

Therapeutic Massage: the Holistic Power of Touch

Human Touch - Woman getting her feet massaged

Holistic Bio Spa is excited to hand the stage back to our lovely Jaqui Kar. She is back to tell us about her experience with the therapeutic massage at The Holistic Bio Spa and the benefits she experienced.     Wow, what a week. It felt like a full moon every day! Actually, it’s been […]

VITAMIN C IV: Prevent and Fight Cancer Naturally

3 people receiving a Vitamin C IV

The majority of us know that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can boost our immune system, increase resistance to infections, and protect us against a variety of diseases. But how does iv vitamin c work?  And, did you know that inserting high levels of Vitamin C IV into the bloodstream can help you fight cancer cells? […]

Consciously Aging in the Age of Denial

how to consciously age in the age of denial

Holistic Bio Spa is happy to welcome our friend, Taron Puri who will talk about conscious aging: how to age gracefully and confidently embrace the journey ahead.     As a 10-year-old, I often went to the nursing home where my mom worked and visited with Mrs. Hansen. She was a kind woman whose eyes lit […]

Manage your Energy, not your Stress!

woman jumping in the air managing her energy

  Holistic Bio Spa is delighted to present Taron Puri, a Life Strategy Coach trainer, and speaker expert in Energy Management. We are all ears Taron.   Energy Management for Healthy Living By Taron Puri, B.A., LL.B There is an energy crisis in our world today. But unlike the one we hear about daily on […]

How To Breathe-In The Fountain of Youth: Glutathione

young woman receiving an alternative medical treatment in Mexico

Holistic Bio Spa is thrilled to have our dear Jaqui Karr share her experience with alternative medical tourism in Mexico. She will be telling us about Glutathione and how this wonderful elixir helps us to remove collective damage from years past and protect us for the years ahead.   MYTH: “You are what you eat.” FACT: […]

Mexico Medical Tourism: Guiding you towards lasting health.

Family walking up to waves

If you are looking for a healing vacation in Mexico you have found your best option holistic option for taking care of your health to be at your finest for the holidays. The Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta is a top pick for the category of Mexico Medical Tourism, our happy and healthy patients on Tripadvisor […]