ARTÍCULOS de Medicina Holística en México

¡Encuentra los mejores tutoriales para desintoxicarse, información de nuestros servicios holísticos, y promociones de temporada!

ARTÍCULOS De Medicina Holística En México

¡Encuentra los mejores tutoriales para desintoxicarse, información de nuestros servicios holísticos, y promociones de temporada!

The Morning Detox: Alkalizing Lemon Water

Alkalizing Lemon Water

Let’s recap with this compliation on the benefits of this morning detox ritual: Alkalizing Lemon Water. You will be more than ready to traverse ever onward in your quest for enjoying each day in true, lasting health.everything you need to know on the role the Alkalizing Lemon Water plays in your overall life and health.

3 Healing Reasons Why You Should NEVER STOP Drinking Lemon Water | Holistic Bio Spa

Alkalizing Lemon Water

Holistic (true, balanced, and fulfilling well-being) is a topic of hot debate. Doctors of the United States, Canada, and Europe are immersing themselves in the riches of natural alternative medicine with much success and testimonials proving that natural medicine WORKS. Let’s put an end to the debate, and let’s start doing something about our health: […]

[Video Tutorial] How To Make Body Alkalizing Lemon Water | Holistic Bio Spa

Alkalizing Lemon Drink Youtube Video

What is Holistic Health? It is a state of true, balanced, self-fulfilling well-being. It is defined by you and you alone. You know you are “healthy” as a whole when you feel at peace with your body’s physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic planes of existence. But in practical terms, how does one get to that […]

3 More Alkalizing Miracles of Lemon Water | Holistic Bio Spa

alkalizing lemon water Puerto Vallarta Healing

The elixir of the gods, the ever elusive fountain of youth, the nectar of the earth… okay, maybe not that far, but lemon water is highly and widely praised for its alkalizing miracles. At our integrative and alternative medicine center in Puerto Vallarta, we include in our personal and patients’ lives the use of lemon […]

A Rookie’s 3 Alkalizing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Alkalize Lemon Water Puerto Vallarta

We believe in the power of change. Nature changes 4 times a year, and it is only natural for our bodies to go through stages throughout the months, years, and days. Learn what our simple holistic natural health tips in Puerto Vallarta can do to jumpstart and control your health – no matter what age! […]

Holistic Health 101: Healing Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Alternative Medicine Puerto Vallarta

Our posts of recent have featured easy tips to living a healthy lifestyle. After laying the foundation of what true lasting health is, where do we start to keep building up our health? Patients from the United States & Canada respond: alternative holistic medicine in Puerto Vallarta. Read on to learn why!

Exercise For Life, Not Just for January!

holistic health mexico

January 2016 is coming to an end… how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you’ve been trying to make the big shift to holistic health instead of symptom-numbing pharmaceuticals, you might want to start at a pace you can handle. Check out the 4 reasons why to start, and where!   What pace […]

Sweet Slumber in 2016: 3-Step Holistic Medicine Hacks

Holistic Medicine Health Packages - Sweet Slumber

We always deliver on our promises, so here are more secrets to sweet slumber from our holistic medicine center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After you get these super easy steps, you can illuminate your friends on the power of sweet slumber.

Insomnia Relief in 2 Steps: How To Sleep Like Master Yoda

Insomnia Relief by Yoda Alternative Medicine Mexico

In this post, we help you LEARN HOW TO SLEEP PROPERLY. Why take our word for it? We are a complete medical team in Puerto Vallarta helping people find solutions to their health problems with natural and alternative medicine in Mexico. We know what we’re talking about, and we sleep wonderfully at nights, thanks for […]