The Holistic Bio Spa is happy to hand over the stage to our dear friend and patient Jaqui Karr to share with us chronic solutions for chronic disease treatments.

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What makes the Holistic Bio Spa different from other clinics?


 “I went from patient to friend as soon as I walked through the door.”


The night before a trip, I should have finished packing and then enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner. Instead, I was doubled over on the bed, fighting tears from severe cramps, wondering how I was going to survive my flight just hours away. Would they even let me through security and on the plane with tears streaming my face? I got contaminated at lunch. No dinner. No wine. Just pain.

Fortunately, it was early enough to call ahead of my trip and find a detox clinic to speed up my recovery. None of them answered my questions properly, except one. One clinic knew what I was asking, sounded professional, and also sounded incredibly empathetic. …That’s how I met Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta.

I went from patient to friend as soon as I walked through the door (they’re THAT nice), and remain a friend years later. My reaction was acute and went away quickly enough (thanks to their heavy detox treatments), but what about those with chronic disease? What about people in constant pain and not just a negative reaction to food? Even if not fatal, pain is all-consuming, and it usually doesn’t go away with basic cleanses. There was a time when there was absolutely nothing to be done, and people were left suffering.

Chronic Disease Treatments

Thankfully, there are some new methods to not only alleviate pain but to see reversal too.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s… so many diseases that used to be a death sentence. There aren’t solutions for every case, depending on a variety of factors, but there are solutions for many cases. Thousands of cases all over the world were diagnosed at stage 4 and told to go home and get their affairs in order. Instead, they went to “alternative treatment” (quickly becoming the norm), and a decade later, they’re still doing great and sending postcards to the doctors that originally diagnosed doom and destruction.

Some treatments are controversial, and then within a few short years, they’re legal (think of dispensaries opening up everywhere). Other treatments aren’t so controversial, but they require knowledge and experience (and not having hands tied by government agencies). This is where we get into the gray zone, depending on what country you live in. People dealing with the same conditions in one country are comfortable, pain-free, and even enjoying the reversal of symptoms while others with the exact same condition are in such deep pain that they’ve checked out of life.

The title of this article includes “Chronic Solutions” because the solutions for chronic disease are usually ongoing. We’ve seen a total reversal in many cases, but even for them, continuous monitoring is important to stay ahead of relapses. For many cases, quality of life can be massively improved with ongoing solutions and treatment. But you need a qualified practitioner to become a long-term partner and guide you through because your needs will change as you progress from one level to the next. Enter technology: Skype with your Holistic Bio-Spa physician regularly (their rates are more reasonable than anywhere I’ve ever seen, to the point that I’ve advised them they need to raise prices a little bit so they can continue helping people).
Are there guaranteed solutions to all disorders? Of course not, we’re not there yet. But there’s certainly less suffering and even complete recovery for some people… but they wouldn’t know unless they try.

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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Chronic Disease Treatments At The Holistic Bio Spa

  • Are treatments legal?  Yes, according to local laws.
  • Are treatments safe? Yes, they’ll start you slow and modify as you go, they’re going by what many renowned progressive doctors have been finding success with.
  • What’s the best way to start? Do a Skype consult before booking a trip (unless you happen to be in Vallarta already) and have as much information on hand as possible. This will help them assess your case and determine how much time you need on site if you need to be on site at all. They may be able to provide quick suggestions of specific foods and supplements you can start taking immediately, and more than likely: What foods to avoid specific to your condition.

Everything comes back to the quality of life. We’ve made a bit of a mess with our toxic world and are collectively suffering the consequences. It’s time to turn back the clock and correct the errors. No one deserves to live in pain, no one. The other thing I know for sure: We’re not islands, not meant to handle life alone, especially the difficult parts of life. Get a solid partner on your health team for emotional strength and of course knowledge and experience in the world of healing. Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo xoxo (Health and love and time to enjoy it).

About the Author: 

Jaqui Karr, certified nutritionist and vegan/vegitarian dietitian

Jaqui Karr, certified nutritionist and vegan/vegetarian dietitian

Jaqui Karr is a successful, media-featured Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Vegan/Vegetarian Dietitian on a quest to help millions looking for a better lifestyle find the diet they need to support a healthy way of living. Visit her website for a diet plan flexible to you!


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