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In our previous article, we shared with you 3 easy stretches you can do in bed to keep you healthy. And as promised, we will show you 3 more holistic stretching tips. It’s possible to stay healthy even with a busy schedule, and together, we can achieve our goal!

woman showing vital stretching tips to stay in good health


Holistic Stretching Tps

The following 3 stretching tips can be done on a mat or on the beach if you live in Puerto Vallarta and wish to enjoy the breeze of the ocean as you relax and stretch your body. Remember to alkalize your body for better results.


Don’t wait for an opportunity to stretch, create it


#1. Spinal Twister

Lying on your back with legs straight out, bring your left knee up toward your chest and hug it in. Use your right hand to guide your bent left leg across the right side of the body and let the knee relax down. Open the left arm and turn your head to the left, and take five deep breaths in and out. Repeat for the right side. These stretches will work with your hips, lower back, and chest. Feel how it relaxes and opens up those parts of your body.

#2. Hamstring Stretch

Lying on your back, raise your right leg as high as you can, keeping your pelvis flat on the ground. Hold your lower thigh and guide the leg to move toward your head. Flex your bottom foot to stretch your calf too. Hold for 30 seconds and as you do, breathe deep, then switch sides.

howing vital stretching tips to stay in good health#3. Downward arch

We recommend this stretch at the end because once your muscles have warmed up, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed trying this position. If you have tight calves and hamstrings, this is the perfect stretch for you. In the downward arch, your feet are just about as wide as your hips; your fingertips spread wide on the mat or in the sand. Your body looks like an upside down letter V. Drop your head and relax. Make sure your eyes are looking towards your knees. Hold for 30 seconds as you breathe deep.

Some of our certified specialists have benefited from doing the previous stretching tips every morning by the ocean. The Holistic Bio Spa Team is honored and happy to walk with you on this journey to lasting health.

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What is your favorite stretch? Tell us in the comments!


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