Jake Ames, MD, HMD.

Consider purchasing a FAR IR sauna. The FAR-infrared sauna is a very effective way to detoxify solvents, chemical poisons, and heavy metals. I find chelation therapy using EDTA and DMPS to be more efficient at removing heavy metals than sweating.
The FAR and near-infrared frequencies are also beneficial for your cells and DNA.

I’ve been using a FAR-infrared sauna  3-7 days a week since 1995. I usually keep the temperature at 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) for one hour. I put down two towels doubled (4 layers) for my seat, one towel for my feet to rest on, and another towel to wipe off my sweat. This also keeps my sauna clean. I usually make sure I do the following:

  • Drink 1 – 1 ½ liters of water in one hour from a glass bottle.
  • Have a vitamin D lamp and a near infrared lamp (IR) in my sauna. My vitamin D lamp is used for reptiles and is not a high-quality one, so I can have it on for one hour, and I do not get sunburn. The near-infrared light bulb cost $7.00 at your local hardware store. The housing costs another $7.00, and the most expensive purchase is a heavy duty extension cord. If you have the two lamps on, you may have to connect them to another outlet so you don’t trip the circuit breaker.
  • You need to make sure the vitamin D and the infrared lamps do not get too close to the wood in your sauna. You don’t want to start a fire. If you are reading from a tablet, put a plastic ice pad under it, with a towel over your thighs.
  • Please don’t overdo the sauna. Start out with a low temperature for only 15 minutes, and fan the door if you have to. It’s important to wipe off your sweat during your sauna so you don’t reabsorb the chemicals and heavy metals back into your body.

What to look for when you are purchasing a Far-infrared sauna?

  1. Get a two-man sauna. A one-man sauna is just too small.
  2. Get wheels for your sauna.
  3. Make sure you have the correct wiring and circuit breaker for your type of sauna.
  4. Usually get white popular, unless your sauna is outdoors, then you may decide to get cedar. Cedar can outgas chemicals for a while if you are chemically sensitive.
  5. Make sure your sauna is put together with wood screws, not glued.
  6. Some saunas shield electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). I don’t’ think that is too important. We have to pick our poisons.
  7. Make sure your elements don’t shut off at 140 degrees, some do. Make sure your sauna’s temperature goes up to 140 degrees.
  8. Get more elements, and have less glass in your sauna.
  9. Get a sauna that weighs a lot. My new two-man sauna is twice as heavy as my former one.

**Please consult a doctor before implementing** I do this for 14 days in a row 2-3 times per year. Step 1. Take Niacin (NOT time released) at the start of exercise. Step 2. Exercise for 30 minutes. Step 3. Sauna for 30-60 minutes. Step 4. Take 2-3 tablets Activated Charcoal. Step 5. Take a cold shower and scrub skin with abrasive brush or pad to remove toxins and dead skin. Step 5. Rub body with coconut oil.

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