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Infographic of regenerative medicine illustrating the types of cells mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into: blood, bone, heart, liver, neuron, muscleToday, promises of health, wealth and, prosperity abound in just about every single ad created. Regenerative medicine offers a promise for better health and longevity, but it is not a cure-all. But exactly how does regenerative medicine work?

To know what stem cell therapy is and how regenerative medicine works, you need to know the meaning of the terms and the true effects of these holistic medical alternatives on the body.

This short guide will explain all the basics about how regenerative medicine works and what stem cell therapy is.

What is regenerative medicine?

In this context, regenerative medicine refers to the study that seeks to optimize and stimulate natural, healthy regeneration of human cells to treat or prevent adverse health conditions.

Albeit one of the most exciting advancements in medical treatment which is rapidly being utilized by the medical world, in all honesty, though, this is not a new type of medicine.

Around 300-400 B.C.E., alchemists in ancient China created concoctions known as elixirs with the goal of prolonging life. And remember, in Europe during medieval times, some alchemists even tried to make elixirs out of gold to extend human life. Sadly, these “secret elixirs” all caused serious damage to those who ingested them and in some cases even death.

Fast-forward to the 21st century where we have technology on our side, we have institutions that regulate scientific methods, and we have a means of global communication!

So when we talk about regenerative medicine today, we are referring to a scientifically proven method of healing tissue and increasing longevity.

What does regenerative therapy do?

The body has the ability to self-heal, however, it needs stimulation to activate the process. This is what the umbrella term regenerative medicine does:

  • Stimulates the body’s own cells to repair damaged tissue.
  • Mobilizes the immune system to the correct areas.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain.

This marvelous pre-designed process of regeneration in our bodies is called the Paracrine effect, and it happens when we introduce mesenchymal stem cells.

What is the Paracrine effect?

The secretion of growth factors that signal the body’s own cells to change their behavior is called the Paracrine effect.

Studies of the Paracrine effect have demonstrated that tissue does contain cells capable of regenerating, they just need to receive the appropriate signals to initiate the regeneration and repair. This is exactly what we seek to accomplish with regenerative medicine.

In addition, the Paracrine effect is amplified because the regenerative treatment is attracted to the damaged tissues that need their help. The body’s damaged cells secrete factors that attract the regenerative agents in our bodies to where they are needed.

So in essence, the regenerative stem cell therapy secretes its own cocktail of proteins that stimulate the body’s own cells to reduce inflammation, promote cell proliferation, and increase vascularization and blood flow into the areas that need to heal!

Another important Paracrine effect is the ability to “dampen” the immune response that occurs with autoimmune diseases such as MS, ALS, and Arthritis.


Does regenerative medicine work for everything?

Typically, yes, regenerative medicine can regenerate any type of natural cell in your body—nerves, muscles, bones, ligaments, and more! All that is required is the correct screening of DNA, diagnosis of pathogens, and creating the optimal environment for cellular regeneration with complementary holistic therapies and proper nutrition.

Builders working on scaffolding: 1 dose of 50 million mesenchymal stem cells = 50 million workers rebuilding your body!


When a patient comes to us and says, “Doctor, please explain to me, how does regenerative medicine work for [insert ailment]?”, a summarized answer is explaining how the body functions as a self-healing building. When things in your “building” decay or break (aging cells, torn tissue, broken bones, diseased organs) your dedicated team of maintenance specialists (called stem cells) report for duty and will literally give their life to fix you. This team of experts has been with you since day 1 in the womb, so they know you in-and-out!

But, as you age, the number of stem cells you have rapidly decrease as millions of them finish their lifespan in your servitude. The few remaining guys still try to get the job done, but they desperately need more help to keep the pace. The solution? Hire more helpers!

This is when we deliver millions of new healthy stem cells via injection, implant, or IV. Your remaining sage-old maintenance specialists teach these new stem cells everything they know about you and use them to repair you. With a full staff again, your body can now heal as rapidly and efficiently as it used to when you were younger!

This is how regenerative medicine with stem cells works to repair any type of natural cell in your body!


Is it better to choose holistic medicine over traditional medicine?

Most of the time, yes, it makes sense to choose holistic medicine first over traditional allopathic medicine.

Why? Imagine you suffer from chronic headaches. A traditional allopathic doctor may examine you and find no apparent cause and thus prescribe a pain-numbing medication as a remedy. But is that really the remedy?

Hardly. So instead of becoming dependant on a synthetic medication for the rest of your life (and the adverse side-effects), why not visit a holistic naturopathic doctor first to naturally correct the underlying cause of the headaches long-term?

Give holistic natural medicine a fair shot. 99% of the time it works better than allopathic medicine. If, (IF!) in the rare event you do not experience the results you hoped for, at least you did benefit your overall health. In such a case, then you can go the allopathic route if you desire. Only now, at least your body wll be optimized naturally from your investment in holistic medicine.

Makes you nod in agreement, doesn’t it?

At Holistic Bio Spa, we use stem cell therapy as a way to heal the body of diseases and injuries on the cellular level as opposed to traditionally only treating the symptoms with synthetic compounds.

We know, we know, it sounds too good to be true, but notice how it works.

What health conditions are caused by damaged tissue?

There are a multitude of conditions that can commonly be associated with damaged tissue. If you have any of these conditions, then you can definitely benefit from stem cell therapy and holistic regenerative treatments:

  • Neurological disorders: ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Joint Disease and Injuries: Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritic Joints, Tendon and Ligament injuries, wound healing, Chronic Back Pain, Cartilage Damage, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Autoimmune Disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Psoriasis, Celiac Disease
  • Pulmonary disorders: COPD
  • Cardiovascular: Congestive Heart Failure

What is stem cell therapy commonly used for in 2023?

When we help the body to repair damaged tissue, so many health concerns and conditions begin to reverse themselves immediately! Here are some examples.

(Dermal) Skin Conditions

Every day, billions of our cells reach their limit and die; these are then replaced by new cells. However, as we age, the natural ability of the body to regenerate cells declines. When this occurs, signs of aging appear.

Regenerative therapies can speed up the formation of new cells and initiate the healing of damaged cells improving the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This is what we call holistic anti-aging therapy.

Injuries and joint repair

The repair of muscle, tendon and ligament tears can be accelerated with stem cells, ozone, and other types of regenerative medicine. Shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, and more joints can be treated successfully with mesenchymal stem cells.

How is it done? Ultrasound-guided injections are strategically placed in the injured area to stimulate an environment of promoted healing.

Many times, surgery can be avoided in an arthritic joint with regenerative therapies. Joints have a poor blood supply that inhibits healing factors to reach them. Mesenchymal stem cell injections place the growth factors needed for repair directly in the deteriorating joint to reduce inflammation and stimulate cartilage and bone growth.

Neurological disorders

Can neurological disorders be reversed? Yes! Despite what some studies suggest, there is overwhelming evidence that neurological disorders can be reversed with stem cell therapy and other types of holistic regenerative medicine.


New research shows that mesenchymal stem cells migrate to the damaged nerve areas and can assume the function of neurons, enabling the creation of new brain cells to heal Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injury, stroke, Cerebral palsy, Battens disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

While results will vary from patient to patient, significant recovery has been proven.

Pulmonary disorders

Regenerative therapy can help to stimulate the body to clean out and create new breathing pathways in the lungs that increases the ability to breathe more easily. The symptoms of COPD, asthma, and Pulmonary Fibrosis have been shown to improve as a result of regenerative therapies.

How is regenerative medicine done?

No two patients are exactly alike, but to illustrate, here is a basic regenerative medicine protocol we would use at Holistic Bio Spa:

  1. With one of our doctors, you will enjoy an open-forum consultation and assessment of medical records including ultrasounds and x-rays to determine the extent and cause of the damage.
  2. Ozone therapy and other detoxing treatments will be used to clean out toxins from affected regions. This stimulates the immune response and prepares the body for healing.
  3. Mesenchymal stem cells are administered and these cells go on to become healthy cells that are needed to create new nerves, bone, ligament, cartilage, and skin tissue.

This is also another answer to the question raised: how does regenerative medicine work?


Regenerative medicine is the future, and the future is in stem cell therapy. This therapy is safe, requires no downtime and has no harmful side effects. But since it is not a cure-all, you need to consult with one of our doctors to find out if this is a solution worth investing in for you.

In some cases, regenerative medicine can prevent surgery or can be provided to enhance and speed up healing after surgery. Today, there are multiple options in the regenerative medicine arena. It is very important to relay your questions or any concerns about therapy to an experienced physician.



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