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Rocket launch your sexual libido

Naturopathy’s Wisdom for Increasing Your Sexual Drive Naturally (no viagra, no magic potions)


Has your sex drive taken a downward turn in recent years? Stop googling for “ways to increase sexual libido” and aphrodisiac potions; start addressing the real problem from the inside out.

In this post, we’ll show you the reasons why your sex drive has diminished, how to reverse the damage and get your mojo (sexual libido) back safely, without taking viagra or traveling back in time. Read on to find out more!

Why your low sex drive is weakening your relationship

Most unhealthy people lose their sex drive. During sexual intimacy, they may feel like a person trying to make a stubborn donkey budge.

Once active, vigorous, and sensual individuals enjoyed sexual intimacy with their mate, but as they grew older, a decrease in their arousal and satisfaction from sexual relations may leave them feeling frustrated, guilty, and useless in the bedroom.

To maintain a healthy & functional sexual libido, cleansing our colon is essential.

If you have been eating bagged, canned, or fatty foods for years, your colon must be overloaded with toxins and fats. On its own, the body does not know how to process and eliminate these weird agents in your food, so it chooses to hide them away in the colon.

However, these toxins are constantly there and end up in the bloodstream. Once roaming free in your veins, these toxins are distributed to your liver, heart, kidney, brain, endocrine system (part of the hormones needed for sex), andyou guessed ityour reproductive organs.

Young couple on bed increase sexual libido

Don’t Let Your MOJO Be Stolen, Clean Your Colon!


Toxins do a lot of harm to your organs. For your survival, the body prioritizes keeping you alive over keeping your sex life alive. The liver and immune system will be fighting the toxin so hard that other bodily functions (like baby-making) just cannot be handled or processed in the moment.  


We have good news for you: Unless you sustained trauma to your genitals, got surgery of the reproductive area, or have been physically or medically (hormonally) castrated, your genitals are not the cause of your sex problems. Breathe, your mojo is probably fine. The problem is most likely in your colon.


Stop the frustration. Start the transformation

Toxic overload in the colon cannot be solved just by drinking more water. Water definitely helps, but more is needed. So how do we put an end to the guilt, the impotence, and the feelings of sexual frustration?

Sure, you can throw out your back out trying to make the donkey budge with weird “techniques” online, but cleaning your colon is a way smarter way to get your sex drive back. Just imagine how much better you will feel during intimacy without all those pounds of junk in your colon seeping into your bloodstream!

Sexual benefits of cleansing your colon:

  • Stronger adrenal system = more arousal and pleasure
  • Boosted energy = more stamina
  • Saying goodbye to constipation = saying hello to your mate in the bedroom


You will experience a huge difference in both your sex drive and sex performance after cleaning your colon. You will feel healthier, lighter, more empowered.


Colonics are a SAFER, and MORE PERMANENT libido booster than Viagra


Add “the missing spark” to your sex life!

So, if you are still suffering from low energy, constipation, low sex drive, and under average sex performance, a colon cleanse might be the solution you were googling for!

By cleaning your colon you can release feelings of guilt and frustration to embrace your mate vigorously in the bedroom (or anywhere else you fancy) and enjoy a youthful closeness again.

Click here to view what our colonic cleanses are able to accomplish for your health. You will discover we have the most advanced technology and find your safe haven with our expert medical team at Holistic Bio Spa.


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