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In this post, we help you LEARN HOW TO SLEEP PROPERLY. Why take our word for it? We are a complete medical team in Puerto Vallarta helping people find solutions to their health problems with natural and alternative medicine in Mexico. We know what we’re talking about, and we sleep wonderfully at nights, thanks for asking!

Let’s start with why and then how to improve your sleeping habits.


If you are dissatisfied with mainstream traditional health care methods, it is because “mainstream” is all you know. Vital to you and your family’s health is a quieting down of the media noise and a return to harnessing the holistic (whole, natural) health potential we were all born with.

Echoing still from last week’s post, we hear Yoda’s words:

“Unlearn what you have learned.”

I’ve never quite heard something so profoundly true.

Insomnia Relief by Yoda Alternative Medicine Mexico

This quintessential yet simple sci-fi quote reverberates with the teachings of Osho, Socrates, Plato, Buddhism, Christianity, and many other life philosophies. Simplistic in form, divine in nature. Oh, and not to mention that it really works.

“But, I’m not into this whole ‘natural’, ‘hippie sounding’ way of life… I have a company to run, bills to pay, children to raise… I’m not sure this is for me.” – you may wonder bashfully. Valid concerns, but reason and experience, on the other hand, speak otherwise.

Reason (aka common sense):

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

Since infancy, subtly or forcibly, we are taught:

“Feeling sick? The less you know the better; go to this individual in a white robe, he/she knows better than you what is happening inside your body. Take whatever he/she prescribes regardless of the side effects and don’t ask any questions. And if the problem continues, we will repeat this painful and expensive process again hoping to get the result we’re looking for. “

In stark contrast stands the alternative, our unique holistic healing method of the Holistic Bio Spa:

“Feeling sick? Let us look together for what is causing the problem. Let us explain how your metabolic systems can function better. Here are some options as to how we can help you get rid of the root cause of this problem –for good. And here is our support and training to help you stay healthy for a long, long time.”

Did we hit a nerve there? Don’t worry, you’re not insane and you’re not alone. And the fact that you’re reading this is proof that you are most likely probably not insane 😉

Experience (aka proven results):

Hundreds of patients at our Spa & Medical Center for holistic and alternative treatments were sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Their expanding level of consciousness soon brought them to look for ways to “get rid of chronic pain”, “cure fibromyalgia”, “chemotherapy alternative cancer therapy”. Then, they found an alternative medicine healing center in Puerto Vallarta, their dream vacation spot, and after the first couple visits, they knew they were on the right track.


Start small.


  • Step 1: KNOWLEDGE

Have peace knowing that sleeping is something all living organisms are born with. “I can’t sleep” is not a true statement. Neither is “I can’t poop”, a true statement. Constipation and insomnia can be resolved by (1) popping some pharmaceuticals, or (2) enabling your body to carry out these natural functions the way it is supposed to!

  • Step 2: UNWIND RIGHT

Do not just go straight to your bed like when mom instructed when you were 6 years old. Birds don’t abruptly go to their nests at night, and neither should you. They have their cute little rituals to end the day peacefully, and so can you!

Instead, create your own bedtime ritual:

  • sip on some herbal tea
  • read a story/talk with your spouse
  • stretch for 10 minutes (promotes relaxed muscles & peaceful energy flow)
  • write in a journal or a to-do list for 5 minutes (helps reduces anxiety)
  • meditate for 10 minutes

There you go! The solution to your insomnia in only 2 steps!

Does that sound so difficult? It’s not difficult if you LET GO of the way you (or society) have conditioned yourself to think and act. Example: Feel like you are too old for bedtime stories with your spouse? No you’re not. Don’t have time to write in a journal or meditate for 10 minutes? Okay, then have fun tossing-and-turning for 3 hours instead.

Please, have fun, enjoy, laugh, and remember to breathe through these shifts. You will be unlearning what you have learned and inculcating new, better habits, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just as it took time to cultivate the habits that keep you up at night, time is needed to inculcate better habits to help you sleep deeply.

Key Take-Away:

Baby steps.

Try one or more of the insomnia relief suggestions above for 1 week. If you notice a positive difference in your mood, relationships, and health – congratulations, you are on the right track! Tweak the list fit YOU. Incorporate slowly some of the other suggestions when you’re ready for the next level of deep, repairing sleep.

At the Holistic Bio Spa, we are a team of medical professionals experienced in helping people heal themselves using certified medical treatments fused with ancient Chinese techniques and a whole lot of love. All you have to do is plan your next 2016 vacation to Puerto Vallarta and let us know your estimated dates of arrival; we’ll take care of the rest!


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Your turn, tell us how you feel about these major yet tiny shifts in sleeping habits. Has it worked for you?

Tell us in the comments!

Zoli and the Holistic Bio Spa team.