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Have you been asked any of these questions lately: What does the international medical community say about stem cells? Is stem cell therapy safe? Is it legal to use stem cells in medicine? We have. So here are some answers!

Older couple happy and healthy with regenerative medicine stem cell therapy in Mexico

There’s a lot of hype around stem cells nowadays. It seems that as soon as a new medical discovery becomes popular, the scam artists start putting up ads everywhere.

It’s ridiculous. No, it’s ludicrous. Thankfully, there is evidence that proves stem cells is safe, ethical, and legal. You just need to get the right mesenchymal stem cell provider who knows how to optimize your body’s reaction to the pluripotent stem cells.

So since the majority of our medical tourism patients at Holistic Bio Spa travel from North America and Europe, we wanted to write a comprehensive list of medical citations and references that prove that stem cell therapy is safe, legal, and ethical.

The only disclaimer? While the below studies prove the potential benefits, only at Holistic Bio Spa will you find a comprehensive protocol that will prepare your body prior to stem cell therapy and nurture the results for months or even years! But you guys are free to choose whichever certified medical provider you want for your stem cell treatments.

This list is just a courtesy to give some peace of mind for our referring doctors and patients from abroad.

Bibliography References and sources about stem cell therapy for knees:

Feel free to get nerdy:

As the below research from renowned medical journals and doctors confirms, stem cell therapy can regenerate knee cartilage, rebuild damaged bone, reduce inflammation and pain, and reverse the symptoms that plague people with osteoarthritis and arthritis in the knee.

  • Gaurav K. Goswami, M. Is Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis Safe and Effective? Read this article discussing the pros and cons: [2017].
  • Mayo Clinic conducts the first-ever stem cell therapy to treat arthritis to test the effectiveness of the claims. The video above of Dr. Shane Shapiro was featured here also. To some patients during the clinical trial, they gave a placebo, and to other patients, they gave stem cells. Neither group knew what they had injected. The results? They found surprising results! Those who got the placebo didn’t improve, but those who got stem cells did, and even the other knee (which had not received an injection) registered signs of regeneration! Read more here: [2017] and
  • StemCell ARTS – Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Injuries and Arthritis. This provider pioneered in a similar type of protocol we follow at Holistic Bio Spa (but ours is more nature-focused). They make sure the patient is optimal for the stem cells to do their job: [2017].
  • The Cytotherapy journal publishes a study that examined the injection of mesenchymal stem cells to treat knee osteoarthritis. In just 3 to 6 months, the results were outstanding! Read more here:
  • A group of researchers at Georgia Regents University recognize that “current pharmacological treatment strategies are ineffective to prevent the osteoarthritic progression,” so they are therefore conducting studies to see which stem cells are best to create cartilage (known as chondrogenic capability). They report “cellular therapies have the potential to regenerate the lost cartilage, combat cartilage degeneration, provide pain relief, and improve patient mobility.” Read more here:
  • In the journal Molecular Medicine, a study conducted by Chinese university researchers reported that bone marrow stem cells give the cartilage-building cells (called chondrocytes) a big boost in regenerating themselves, thus totally inhibiting inflammation because that’s the cause of osteoarthritis! Find out more:
  • And here is one of the big guys. This study by doctors in Iran is one of the largest cited research publications (with over 178 listed journals and publications referencing their study). Why? After 6 months of stem cell treatments, their patients’ cartilage thickness increased, and subchondral bone damage decreased significantly. Learn more:

Where Can You Get Stem Cell Therapy?

If you’re wondering where is it safe, legal, and affordable to get stem cell therapy, then Holistic Bio Spa is the answer. We can show you the door to regenerative medicine, but your body really does the heavy lifting instinctively.

Contact our stem cell therapy & alternative medicine center in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico to request a FREE consultation about stem cells!