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Holistic Bio Spa in the news Why patients from all over the world rave about this clinic in Mexico specializing in stem cell therapy, holistic cancer treatments, and Lyme disease treatments. The panel of doctors and nurses at Holistic Bio Spa – Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico boast a combined 150+ years of experience in clinically certified, non-surgical, non-toxic, natural holistic medical alternatives. This medical philosophy is based on clinical research and modern science that supports a minimally invasive approach to treating disease by means of optimizing and harmonizing the body’s natural systems by means of liquid biopsies, detoxing, supplementing, and boosting patients’ immune system and metabolic processes to heal and regenerate naturally. On their TripAdvisor and Google reviews, over 700 patients from all over the world rave about the clinic’s treatments such as plasmapheresis, mesenchymal stem cell therapy from the umbilical cord, holistic cancer treatments without chemo or radiation, and bio-dentistry are all available under one roof and at a much lower cost than in the US and Canada. No other clinic comes close to this amount of positive feedback. Price is usually a huge factor when it comes to alternative medicine since most treatments are not covered by health insurance or the deductibles are too high. Therefore many in the United States and Canada feel like they have no choice but to choose surgery and synthetic medication since that is what is covered by their insurance company. A case in point are stem cells. At this clinic’s 2 locations on the Pacific coast, mesenchymal stem cell therapy in Mexico typically costs between $2,000 USD to $12,000 USD depending on the quantity of stem cells and the method of treatment. As is seen in the clinic’s Google reviews and TripAdvisor Reviews, patients from Europe, North America, and other countries have had impressive results and are thankful they made the trip since these types of stem cells are still unavailable in North America and too expensive elsewhere. The superiority of the stem cells used at Holistic Bio Spa have a much higher visibility rate and are much more affordable thanks largely to the fact that profit-seeking insurance and bureaucracy do not boycott the use of these tested-and-proven technologies. Noteworthy also are the 2 very desirable tropical locations of this world renowned clinic: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit. Every year, millions of medical tourists travel to Mexico for medical treatments because even the out-of-pocket cost is much lower than in their home countries. For ones seeking proven alternatives to surgery and pharmaceuticals, it’s definitely worth scheduling a virtual consultation with a doctor at this clinic to know the treatment options available before traveling. For more information about the Holistic Bio Spa – Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico, check out