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2 months have passed since our debut at the Medical Matters 2016 event in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Dozens of health care agents, practitioners, and medical pioneers presented their wholesome approach to medicine, while we presented our Holistic & Natural approach to life and true, lasting health.

In an all-day event, our team of medical professionals and health enthusiasts gave away free services and samples of what it is to be truly healthy with natural, alternative medicine!

Medical Matters Puerto Vallarta 2016


Biofeedback @ Medical Matters 2016Holistic Bio Spa @ Medical Matters 2016Healing massage @ Medical Matters 2016



What alternative medical services did we provide for free?

  • Non-surgical liposuction with Dr. Cobian
  • Chinese Acupuncture with Dr. Chavez
  • SCIO quantum biofeedback sessions with Zoli & Quinten
  • MindFit Bineural Therapies with Alicia
  • Amethyst Bio Mat Therapies with our 2 certified nurses
  • Healing massages with our ancient lineage masseuse, Laura

All of these services and more can be found in our 3 catagories of Holistic Health Packages:


Detox & Immune System Reboot

Chronic Pain & Emotional Release

Anti-aging & Beauty Therapies


Thank You

A huge thanks to Healthcare Resources for presenting and inviting us to the Sixth Annual Medical Matters Conference on February 15, 2016. What started out six years ago as a small gathering of a few exhibitors with a couple of speakers has grown to one of Puerto Vallarta’s largest attended events with an attendance last year of nearly 4,000 people!

Another special thanks to the Marriott Hotel and the plethora of health-related services, including hospitals, physicians of all specialties, diagnostic centers, ambulances, chiropractors, physical therapy professionals, insurance agents, laboratories, air evacuation, dentists, acupuncturists, and much, much more.

And finally, the best for last, thank you, Pamela Thompson for organizing yet another successful event to raise medical & health awareness in our beautiful Puerto Vallarta!

For more info on the upcoming Medical Matters Puerto Vallarta events, check out and!


Over to you, did you experience the holistic difference at our booths this past February? Share your experiences and questions in the comments!

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