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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Therapy in our body and how the numbers go down as we age!


Were you born rich or poor?

We’re not talking about money, we are talking about a different kind of wealth that each of us is born with. You see, a large part of your health is determined by genetics, unique factors you inherited. What is it? Your cells! That’s right! In this post we will be discussing how critical are mesenchymal stem cells in our body’s ability to regenerate and flght disease!

You have so many! They can improve, they can repair, they can reproduce new ones. But there is a limit.

Our cells can only regenerate a certain amount of times. This ability is like a “currency”; once we spend it, it’s gone. Like that stimulus check!

As a rule of thumb, this is how it works.

Decline of mesenchymal stem cells as we age



  • Taller than your parents
  • Very active as a child, wounds and broken bones healed fast
  • Rarely got sick (if you did, not likely from the same condition)
  • Aged gracefully and still vibrant
  • No chronic degenerative conditions later in life



  • Smaller than your parents
  • Low energy as a child, prone to broken bones and wounds
  • Got sick often for weeks at a time (typically with the same condition)
  • Premature aging and loss of vitality
  • Degenerative health conditions later in life


Most of us fit somewhere in between.

We are born neither rich nor poor. We work hard and invest in improving our wealth of health, doing our best with what we were given. And we commend you for doing that!

The solution? Mesenchymal stem cell therapy!

It’s simple. If you are interested in feeling like you did when you were younger, you need younger, vibrant cells added to your natural “currency”.

Like receiving a direct deposit, when our cells’ ability to regenerate is low, our doctors can replenish your entire body by providing mesenchymal stem cells!

Patient Advisor Team at Holistic Bio Spa: Carley

That’s why we offer stem cell therapy at our clinic.

Schedule a remote consultation with one of our Patient Advisors to find out if your health condition can be treated with our proprietary stem cell protocols.