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family holding hands enjoying the ocean

If you are looking for a healing vacation in Mexico you have found your best option holistic option for taking care of your health to be at your finest for the holidays. The Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta is a top pick for the category of Mexico Medical Tourism, our happy and healthy patients on Tripadvisor testify to the relaxing and enjoyable holistic treatments in the presence of Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful ocean.

Holistic Bio Spa’s Mexico medical tourism treatments help you say goodbye to sickness

On a daily basis, we are exposed to environmental toxins. Although we cannot control the environment toxins, we can  control our health habits and the maintenance that we give to our bodies. Our holistic healing experts can guide you every step of the way, while your entire body heals from the inside out. How?

  • Colon Hydrotherapies: We flush all the toxins out of your body and we cleanse the colon by inserting large amounts of water.
  • Ionic Foot Detoxes: The most non-invasive method to rejuvenate and relieve your body. It combines  water, sea salt, oxygen, and hydrogen to release toxic elements.
  • Nebulizers with Glutathione: We use Glutathione to protect your cells and prevent cancer.


Getting rid of chronic pain with alternative medicine

Eliminate chronic pain and rehabilitate sports injuries (for athletes and non-athletes). Be reassured that we will help you regain control over your neuromuscular functions and renew your strength.

  • Scio Quantum Biofeedback: This naturopathic tool reveals accurate data regarding your past and present symptoms, identifying the root causes of certain conditions and preventing possible future risks.
  • Ozone Therapies: We inject small doses of ozone in the body to increase the production of antioxidants, which helps battle cancer and get rid of foreign agents such as viruses and toxins.
  • Vitamin B12 Shots: We administer these vitamin-packed shots to aid in the treatment and prevention of memory loss (such as Alzheimer’s disease), to improve mood, energy, concentration, immune system response, and to reverse aging. It is also used for heart disease, weakness in the bones (osteoporosis), AIDS, as well as the prevention of cervical cancer.


woman receiving an infrared sauna session in Mexico Medical Tourism



“Where there is health, there is beauty.”

Beauty Therapies

Our Mexico medical tourism patients’ #1 favorite package for non-surgical, anti-aging & body-sculpting solutions are our expert-level spa treatments. These are proven-and-tested holistic alternatives to cosmetic surgery are a refreshing approach loved by many who travel to our beloved beaches in search for a youthful, more vibrant version of themselves.

  • Infrared Sauna Sessions: Far-infrared sauna uses natural, radiant heat to be absorbed by the skin. It increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and improves your metabolism among others.
  • Aztec Infused Massage Therapy: Our masseuses and certified nurses learned the secrets of Aztec ancient healing arts to combine the best of ancient medicine with the most modern techniques to fix any injury and remove all pain.


Because we care for your health and your budget, we have 20% off in all health packages. We want you to have a great time during your vacation. But not only that, we want you to stay healthy for the many holidays to come.

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