The trees have shed their leaves, the earth is cycling back from its farthest distance to the sun, and 2016 has just started. At a time when you need a different approach to health and wellbeing, alternative medicine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is lingering on your mind.

We know the idea of alternative medicine and naturopathy sounds distant and at times mysterious. However, you do not have to become a “health nut” or go vegan to feel better. Natural medicine is as simple as nature itself! No matter what your circumstances, past experiences, or nationality is, our Naturopathic Medical Doctor Zoli Hargitai and the clinical team of the Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta will help you take ownership of your own health.

New Year: Alternative Medicine Mx

Here are 4 reasons why you can reconsider holistic (natural) medicine for 2016:



Natural medicine is several millennia wiser and older than traditional pharmaceuticals. We LOVE the great strides modern medicine has made in the ways of technological advancement, faster recovery, and more accurate surgical procedures; nonetheless, our first choice is to heal our bodies naturally  – without side effects and without surgeries before we try cutting up our organs and numbing our body with lab-made chemicals.

Alternative Medicine in Mexico is not a fairy tale. Even Hollywood celebrities from the US, Canada and Europe choose natural alternative medicine.



In its purest sense, naturopathy seeks to use nature’s limitless array of herbs, fruits, minerals, vitamins, and activities to restore complete balance to your body’s natural functions. For example, if you are suffering from fibromyalgia, cancer, or high cholesterol, it is because something is out of whack within your system. Using Mother Nature’s solutions, we aid your body in balancing its internal scales so that it can restore and heal itself!

The same way winter turns into summer, your metabolic functions and chemical processes slowly but surely begin to function more efficiently.



An entire year of full-time work, long commutes, and running around after family members takes a toll on your soul. Our alternative medicine patients in the US and Canada can all attest to the veracity of such a claim. Is it enough to just wind down and rest? Consider this: can you drive your vehicle non-stop at full RPM for an entire year without busting your engine? We wish it were so. Eventually, your engine oil is going to get black and gooey and you may need to make some repairs.

The same is true of our bodies. We start the engine early in the day and go full RPM with all our endeavors. We rarely EVER stop to think of the damage we are doing to our Central Nervous System. We may rest every now and then, take naps, try healthy shakes, but in the end, those are just quick “pit stops” to full up the tank and add more oil.


The solution? Our Spa & Medical Center in Puerto Vallarta offers customizable health packages to purge your body from toxins accumulated throughout the years, eliminate nagging back, neck, and joint pain, and obliterate stubborn fat around the chin, arms, hips, and belly.

The best part? Your treatment sessions will last only 1-2 hours. You can spend the rest of your time vacationing in our beautiful paradise, Puerto Vallarta!



We are a preferred provider for the medical tourism of Mexico because:


  • Our health treatments are affordable to all circumstances.
  • We help accommodate your healing vacation rental and fun activities.
  • We never turn away patients; we work with you to find a solution within your means.
  • Our loyalty reward programs include free treatments and products.
  • The cost of traditional pharmaceuticals and hospitalization tower over our preventative and natural measures for holistic health.
  • The treatments actually work.


New year, time for a new you. No matter what has held you back in the past, we have a solution to your doubts or fears. Give us a call at  +52 (322) 221 1607 to learn more about holistic, natural, and alternative medicine can bring and end to your specific health concern.


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