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Decline of our bodies as we age in natural ammount of stem cells

Do you know if your DNA is worth as much as it did when you were younger?

You are probably thinking, am I on the right website? How is this related to stem cell therapy? Bear with us for a minute…

Think of your DNA’s ability to replicate and create new cells as a powerful “currency”. It keeps you alive, it keeps you looking good, and it helps you grow.

But besides spending your wealth too soon, there’s another caution that could lead to health poverty. We call it “DNA inflation”.

Like cash, the healthy DNA in your cells loses potency over time due to a phenomenon called natural aging. This is why we naturally suffer a decline in the effectiveness of the natural stem cells in our bodies as we age. This is due to DNA damage and telomere shortening.

Here’s a general example:


  • Early in life
  • Strong bone and muscle density
  • High sex drive
  • Good posture
  • No cancers developed
  • Firm, smooth skin
  • Quick wound healing
  • Mental sharpness


  • After age 25
  • Decreased bone and muscle density
  • Low or inexistent sex drive
  • Hunched over posture
  • Development of cancers
  • Loosening skin
  • Slow wound healing
  • Decline in mental sharpness

Help your body by refueling it with stem cell therapy at Holistic Bio Spa

If you fit more on the LOW inflation side, we commend you!

To the rest of us who may be on the HIGH inflation side, don’t worry, there is hope! You can increase the potency of your cells’ regenerative properties with our regenerative medicine treatments in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The solution?

Some choices will help delay the “inflation” like being cautious with your lifestyle, maintaining a good diet, regular exercise, and sufficient rest.

But, there is another choice in 2023.

Choosing Holistic Bio Spa for stem cell therapy is like receiving a huge direct deposit of millions of younger, fully potent cells added to your natural “currency”.

Then your body will have the ability to heal like when you were younger!

It’s an absolutely amazing scientific solution. And the results in our patients are even more impressive! That’s why we offer stem cell therapy at our clinic.
Schedule a remote consultation and enjoy the benefits of the fountain of youth, AKA: Stem cell Therapy!