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Holistic Bio Spa is excited to hand the stage back to our lovely Jaqui Kar. She is back to tell us about her experience with the therapeutic massage at The Holistic Bio Spa and the benefits she experienced.


woman receiving a therapeutic massage at The Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta


Wow, what a week. It felt like a full moon every day! Actually, it’s been a rough 6 weeks. First I got poisoned with a food allergy that put me in physical pain (thank god I met Zoli, King of Detox). Then the stress of moving. Then business stress. Personal stress. Life gets rough sometimes and all that stress adds up. Unless you have Buddha powers and know how to handle things without being bothered at all, it hits you without you even realizing it sometimes. The symptoms just “mysteriously” appear later. I’m no Buddha, I absorb that stuff, probably like you do.

That stress embeds deep in the cells of your body and then it lurks, like a thief, waiting to steal something from you later. No way. It’s not getting me. I could feel all the stress accumulate last week and I knew exactly what to do.

I’ve been going to The Holistic Bio Spa for weeks to detox and I definitely wanted to take care of my more urgent stuff first, but I’ve been longing to get into the massage room. Now that detox was over, I decided it’s time for a reward (health tip: don’t wait for a crisis to take care of yourself, do it regularly – you deserve it). So I booked a therapeutic massage.

“Life gets rough sometimes and all that stress adds up”


A few days later I’m on the massage bed. The therapeutic masseuse has such a great technique. She went right to my neck and shoulders, where it seemed to be the worst. 15 minutes into the therapeutic massage I could feel all the tightness in my back gone. You’d think I was super relaxed, drifting to sleep, right? Of course not. Because that’s what our brains do! They go into overdrive when they should just be still. You wouldn’t believe what I started thinking about…

…studies. You heard me, medical studies. I’ll back up a quick second in case you haven’t read my previous articles and think I’m insane. I’m a nutrition expert and have read thousands of studies over the years. I like facts. I like science. So I read. Read. Read some more. I have no idea how much I have read. So there it is, thousands of studies trapped somewhere in my brain and one of those studies popped up on the massage table.

It was a study that followed babies up to their middle-ages and found that all other things being the same, the ones that were held the most were healthiest. If their mother took care of them and was always hugging and kissing them, those kids had strong immune systems and didn’t get sick much. If they were tossed into daycare or babysitting and were in the crib a lot and not touched often, those kids had a lot of issues, allergies, weak immune systems. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

woman receiving a therapeutic massage on her feet at the Holistic Bio Spa



So why did I think of that study? Because who holds us as adults? Who cares for us? Who gives us that sensory healing that only touch can give? No one ever thinks about how important touch is to overall health. I don’t know por qué, but we don’t think of it, even though it’s important.

Then I thought about all the other benefits of a therapeutic massage:

  1. It detoxes you (that’s why you see “lymphatic drainage” on the spa menus)
  2. It improves blood circulation (my 54-year-old friend with NO varicose veins at all swears it’s because she always has gotten massages once a week)
  3. Improves joint mobility (do them regularly and say goodbye to the ouch-here, ouch-there)
  4. Takes away muscle tension
  5. Improves sleep patterns
  6. Improves digestive function
  7. Eliminates headaches
  8. Fibromyalgia sufferers often report tremendous pain relief, as do athletes
  9. It de-stresses you


“A weekly therapeutic massage is awesome,

and monthly is an absolute must-have”


Just de-stressing alone is worth it because stress causes so much chaos in the body. People think they get sick “overnight”. Nothing happens overnight. Things accumulate and then eventually catch up to you.

So it’s important to take care of yourself every step of the way and not wait until you’re so stressed that you have insomnia or sciatica or whatever. The Mayo Clinic says therapeutic massages aren’t just a luxury, but a part of great health. I’d rather de-stress now than do damage control later.


Well, the thought of the study came and went really quickly (or maybe it’s that Holistic Bio Spa’s masseuse is that good and she made me stop thinking about everything completely). But I’m glad I remembered it, because it reminded me how fantastic massages are, and how important to have the healing power of touch regularly.


I’ll give you a suggestion to enhance your therapeutic massage:

Tell them you want the “Jaqui Detox-Theta + Therapeutic Massage package”. ”You start with a foot detox while you slow your brain down with Theta Therapy. It’s so calming, I swear you’ll forget your own name. Then you get your body massage. And boy are you going to sleep well that night! Dulces Sueños.

About the Author: 

Jaqui Karr is a successful, media-featured Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Vegan/Vegetarian Dietitian on a quest to help millions looking for a better lifestyle find the diet they need to support a healthy way of living. Visit her website for a diet plan flexible to you!


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