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That’s a solid question! Most Americans, Canadians, and Europeans have a form of private or government-issued health insurance that will cover all of their medical costs so long as you pay your monthly premiums.

That may be fine and dandy for 90% of your life, until…

A serious illness strikes or the type of medical treatment simply does not exist in your country. You may have heard some cases where others in a similar position received treatment at specialized clinics abroad. Paying out-of-pocket for a full month’s of treatments for an advanced terminal illness can cost upwards of $10,000 USD at a specialized clinic. “Will my insurance cover the cost of alternative treatments in another country?”, you wonder.

Did you know that many standard insurance providers will reimburse you for select medical treatments in Mexico? Some do, whereas others refuse. How can you know if your insurance will cover your international alternative medicine treatments abroad? Here are some frequently asked questions that the medical tourism community of Puerto Vallarta has asked.



There are plenty of skilled doctors in my area, what would I need a clinic in Mexico for?

If you have a serious condition like cancer, Lyme disease, dementia, or a stroke, you may feel dissatisfied with the limited options presented to you by doctors in your region. Our clinics have dozens of alternative holistic and natural treatments that have proven successful in the reversal of these conditions.

Or perhaps you want an effective way to regenerate tendon, cartilage, skin, and muscle tissue to continue excelling at your sport or to rejuvenate your skin. You do your research and find out that the quality of stem cells they offer in your home country are so over-regulated and ineffective that you need a clinic that can get the ethically sourced, 100% safe mesenchymal and autologous stem cells that you need to truly see a difference.

Patients consulting with one of our health experts about alternative medicine treatments and financing

That is when patients look for alternative medical treatments with a holistic, natural focus such as our Holistic Bio Spa clinics in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

While some traditional medical treatments in your country are reasonably priced and provide few to no side effects, others such as chemotherapy and radiation could represent a multi-million dollar long-term expense for some patients. Surprisingly, studies show that hospital bills and surgery are not the most difficult to cover, it is usually the follow-up and at-home care needed after. Even with insurance, many families have to face out-of-pocket expenses of over $40,000 dollars per year!

Knowing the nasty side effects and the financial burden on the patient and their families, many patients would love to pursue holistic alternatives but are limited because their insurance won’t cover these type of treatments.

Not anymore!

That is why we partner with independent agencies to provide our patients with more options to fund their healing journey without crippling their family’s economy.


Will my insurance provider cover treatments at your clinics in Mexico?

The simple answer is: if your insurance policy provides “elective international coverage” that means that yes, they might reimburse you for select medical treatments and procedures received in a different country. Other funding may be achieved in the form of a settlement with your insurance provider.

Are you contemplating receiving stem cell therapy or an extensive treatment protocol for a serious illness at our clinics in Mexico? Since this type of insurance negotiation is accepted only on a case-by-case, the average phone representatives for your insurance provider will likely be under-experienced to guide you with this process. Below you will find a list of third-party insurance agencies that specialize in this type of insurance claims for international coverage. Use the form or contact one of them directly to find out if and how much your insurance provider will cover for your medical treatments at our clinic. It is completely FREE to get an estimate, so you have nothing to lose (and much to gain) by simply asking!


Founder of the Holistic Bio Spa with patients at his Chronic Disease Treatments Clinic

Although Holistic Bio Spa does not independently offer private medical insurance or financing for treatment programs (such as stem cell therapy, treatments for cancer, Lyme disease treatments, and other holistic treatments for chronic illnesses), there is good news! We partner with select third-party insurance agencies who may be able to help you get the necessary funds from your insurance provider to finance your alternative treatments. This service can literally help save a person’s life when they need it most!


Can I get insurance reimbursement if I received treatments at the Holistic Bio Spa clinic in the past?

Have you received an extensive treatment protocol at our alternative medicine and stem cell therapy clinics within the last 12 months? Then you may be eligible for reimbursement from your medical insurance provider! You have nothing to lose, it’s completely free to apply. Our 3rd party providers will submit all the paperwork for you. If your claim is accepted, then they will collect a small commission from your reimbursement while the rest is sent directly to your bank.

Complete the following form to see if you may be eligible. One of our 3rd party insurance specialists will contact you and assist you with preparing, submitting, and following up with medical bills to receive reimbursement from your insurance company for out-of-pocket medical expenses associated with alternative medical treatment at Holistic Bio Spa.




What third-party insurance & treatment financing brokers do you recommend?

These are the agencies we recommend our patients to contact for help with their insurance and financing. Holistic Bio Spa does not endorse either one nor do we receive any sort of commission.

Coach Financing

Similar to shopping for car insurance with a broker, Coach Financing is a third-party financing broker for USA residents that will access a marketplace of banks and lenders to find the best rates and offers for your unique needs.

  • Loans Up To $50,000
  • Rates Start At 5.99%
  • 24-60 Month Terms
  • Zero Pre-Payment Penalties

See how much financing you qualify for. It takes 2 minutes and has no impact on your credit score.


Life Credit

Life Credit Company has developed a new way to utilize your existing life insurance policy to pay for medical treatment.

A Living Benefit Loan™ enables you to borrow money against your life insurance policy without the personal obligation to repay. Upon your passing, the loan is repaid using your policy’s death benefit proceeds, with the remainder going to your beneficiaries. You will never be obligated to make loan payments or incur any out-of-pocket expenses. You are not required to pay insurance premiums while you continue to keep ownership of your policy.

As a result of this program, you can get the money you need today while preserving a portion of your life insurance policy for your beneficiaries.

Learn more about how Life Credit can help fund your cancer treatment. You may also contact David Curiel directly at 858-459-1079 ext 103 or via email at


Abacus Life

Abacus Life offers prompt case evaluation and personalized one-on-one care to guide you through the process of getting funds for your treatments at our clinic. This company has been financially assisting individuals coping with cancer and other terminal illnesses for over 20 years.

These services are free and completely confidential. They are HIPAA certified and have a very robust cybersecurity protocol in place. Ranked #1 in the industry in 2019, Abacus’ services are simple: offer individuals the ability to use their life insurance as a living benefit. Their insurance payouts can be as much as 80% of the insurance benefit, and the proceeds are unrestricted and can be utilized in any way.

Most frequented for our cancer treatment programs, Abacus Life offers the following services for all services:


  • Dedicated team members work with each patient
  • Simplified application process
  • 24-hour approval
  • Pre-funding for qualified patients


Medical Bill Gurus

Medical Bill Gurus is a third-party patient advocacy service that assists patients with the complex issues associated with insurance billing and bill preparation of alternative medical providers in Mexico, such as Holistic Bio Spa.

As the Holistic Bio Spa does not accept insurance or participate with any insurance plan, and has opted out of Medicare/Medicaid, patients will need a private insurance policy with out-of-network coverage to secure reimbursements.

Since the Holistic Bio Spa is located outside the United States and considered an “international provider”, a patient’s insurance policy will need to have “elective international coverage”. Typically, a private PPO insurance policy is ideal to have a chance at securing insurance reimbursements, but the results vary from policy to policy and nothing is guaranteed based on a multitude of variables such as insurance carrier, level of coverage, out of network deductible, etc.

To determine if you have the adequate level of coverage and benefits to potentially secure insurance reimbursements for treatments received at the Holistic Bio Spa, we recommend you sign up for a FREE case evaluation with Medical Bill Gurus, where they will sit down to review your policy and go over the process. Feel free to give them a call at 1-800-674-7836 or email to sign up for a free case evaluation.

Why? Filing claims for out-of-network providers’ is a slippery slope and restoring your out-of-pocket medical costs can prove difficult without the right tools.

If you have received treatment at Holistic Bio Spa within the last 10 months and have qualifying private medical insurance with elective international coverage, Medical Bill Gurus can assist you with preparing, submitting and following up with a medical bill to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses associated with treatment.


American Life Fund

American Life Fund offers immediate funds to individuals diagnosed with late-stage cancer or a life-threatening disease. Click play to watch the short clip explaining how it works!

Similar to how a home, a car, a boat, and artwork have monetary value and can be used for financial assistance, a patient’s life insurance policy can also be viewed as a “tangible” asset for a viatical settlement in some cases. Inquire about the immediate fund “value quote” of your life insurance policy with zero obligations! After consulting (free of charge) with ALF’s professional team, you may then decide what is best for you.

In many situations, having immediate funds to defray the burden of unplanned financial decisions as well as recovery and after-care living expenses have proven to be a sigh of relief to the thousands of families they have helped so far!

Contact Justin Pipon, American Life Fund representative
Direct line: 866-554-1620
Address: 3295 River Exchange Drive, Ste. #350, Norcross, GA 30092
View the agency PDF



Berkshire Settlements

Berkshire Settlements offers viatical settlements (a form of life settlement) specifically for people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness. If you own life insurance, you may be able to use your policy now regardless of what kind of policy it is, or if it has any cash value. You may be able to cover all or part of the costs involved in your medical care; including travel, stay, and your actual medical costs!

Marcus Ellis, a Berkshire representative, is a cancer survivor himself. He had stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and tells his cancer survivor story here in this video.


Where is Holistic Bio Spa located?

Our clinics are located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico and at the heart of one of the safest and most popular medical tourism destinations of the world, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Reception area entrance of our tropical destination alternative treatments center and stem cell clinic in MexicoHolistic Bio Spa – Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico and Alternative Medicine Center


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International phone: +1 805-861-1131

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48335

Nuevo Vallarta Address: Plaza Parabien, Local 16, Av Paseo de la Costa, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit 63735 Mexico

Office hours:

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