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Amount of Stem Cells During the Aging Process

As we age, our body’s regenerative components like stem cells drastically decline and deteriorate. Find out how many stem cells are in a human body approximately. Then we will show you how to increase the number of stem cells in your body.

What Happens To Stem Cells As We Age?

From the moment of conception to your death, you are constantly creating new cells to replace the cells that have exhausted their lifespan.

How many stem cells are in the human body?

It varies but as an example, recent research published in the British scientific journal, Nature estimates that of the approximately 37.2 trillion cells in our bodies, humans have between 50,000 and 200,000 adult stem cells that can differentiate into 1 of the 220+ types of cells in our bodies.

Undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells rapidly decline after birth and it’s hard to know how many adult stem cells in total the average person has, but researchers estimate we may have billions of stem cells in our bodies.

That’s millions upon millions of cells that can become new tissue, nerve, and blood cells being every waking minute of your life!

Where do so many stem cells come from?

You were born teeming with millions of stem cells! As the years fly by, these amazingly adaptable cells can do almost anything: cause your bones, muscles, and brain to grow, repair wounds, and replace dying cells.

But there’s a catch… Each human is born with a fixed amount of stem cells. And after birth, undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells rapidly decline. Once we’ve spent them all, it’s game over.

As you run out of stem cells, you notice your body no longer repairs and regenerates like it used to when you were younger. This is what we commonly call “aging”.

We know… it’s not pretty.

Shockingly, your skin starts to loosen, broken bones and cuts heal very slowly, and you begin to lose your strength, vitality, and mental sharpness.

The good news? Long before your stem cell quantities are depleted and deteriorated, you can acquire new stem cells with our stem cell treatments!

Reasons Why Stem Cells Deteriorate and Deplete with Aging

There are 4 main causes of why stem cells become depleted and deteriorated as we age.

 Your environment

To a great extent, how many stem cells are in a human body at any given age may depend on many external and internal influences.

  • Pollution, radiation, and poor quality foods.
  • Hormonal, metabolic and immunologic disorders (stress, sickness, and substance abuse).

The more damage our bodies need to repair because of these factors, the more stem cells are used and depleted.

 Natural aging

As we age, we naturally suffer a progressive decline in the effectiveness of our stem cells. This is due to DNA damage and telomere shortening. This is why a teenager’s broken bone will heal 10X faster than a senior citizen’s broken bone.

Also, because adult stem cells seem to age with the person, DNA mutations are no longer repaired properly. This explains why the spine begins to hunch over, cancers are more likely to develop, and the skin remains wrinkled for older ones.

 Extensive Use

We all have a set amount of stem cells. The more we use them, the sooner they run out and deteriorate. Athletes, as a prime example, amazingly grow their muscles, speed up nerve reaction time, and harness metabolic functions at a higher rate than the average person.

But such extensive use of their body’s stem cells means that they also deplete their regenerative reservoirs quicker. No wonder pro athletes frequent Holistic Bio Spa for stem cell treatments.

 Your Genetics

You know how some people were born into a rich family? Curiously, a similar phenomenon seems to exist in regard to stem cells. Due to inherited DNA factors, some people are born with millions of stem cells more than others; and they may live healthy long lives despite unhealthy habits.

Whereas others born with less regenerative potential will “spend” their stem cells more cautiously by leading a healthy lifestyle. Rest assured, most of us are born somewhere in the middle, and lifestyle choices determine the rest.

How to Increase the Number of Stem Cells in Your Body

Builders working on scaffolding: 1 dose of 300 million mesenchymal stem cells = 300 million workers rebuilding your body!
When you get an injection of 300 million mesenchymal stem cells, you essentially restock your adult stem cells with pluripotent stem cells that can become any type of cell in the body! MSCs are ethically-sourced “mother cells” derived from the placenta and umbilical cord that never harm the embryo.

How does the stem cell treatment at Holistic Bio Spa benefit your body?

Imagine your body is like a construction crew exhausted from trying to create new ligament, muscle, and cartilage tissue for your aging or injured body.

Suddenly, 300 million strong builder cells arrive and say, “I’m here to help. What do you need me to be? I can turn into nerve tissue, tendon tissue, muscle tissue, or cartilage tissue!”

Oh, what a relief to have some backup!

Patient Testimonials: Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

I had a bike accident and I had been living my life with enormous pain in my hip. We made the decision ... treatment with stem cells. I didn't really know about it, but Dr. Zoli explained in such a great way. And the therapy ended with such a great, great thing, I just got back my life! I'm not living my life with constant, 24-hour pain in my hip!

Szilveszter • European stem cell therapy patient at Holistic Bio Spa

Came here for stem cell treatment and we are enjoying many of their other services. Love this place and the staff. All very kind, caring and professional. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Mary Reichert • patient review of Holistic Bio Spa on Facebook

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