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For our new patients, every healing journey begins with planning. Find below the most relevant financial and medical directions you will need on your healing journey at our alternative medicine treatment center for stem cell therapy, cancer, and chronic illness.

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Be assured that our medical experts will communicate with you regularly as you make preparations for your visit. The following information is presented for new patients with life-threatening conditions but may still apply to you if you are seeking treatments for regular health maintenance or less-serious conditions. If you are already a patient with us, you may use the buttons below to jump to the section below you are interested in or you can schedule your visit right away.

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Medical & Clinical History

The first step to becoming a new patient is to schedule your initial consultation. (Remember that we offer FREE consultations for stem cell therapy!) While our holistic health clinic does accept walk-ins without prior appointments, this step is especially important if you are seeking alternatives for treating cancer or another life-threatening condition.

We commend you for seeking holistic alternatives for preserving your most precious gift—life. Understandably, you may find the uncertainty and effects of your condition to be scary and overwhelming, to say the least. Whether you need emotional support, options for financing your treatment alternatives, diet and lifestyle counseling to combat cancer or chronic diseases, a ride to treatment, or a place to stay in paradisiac Puerto Vallarta, we're here to help on your road to recovery and health-mastery. If you do not see what you’re looking for below, please send us a message or call +52 (322) 221 1607.

Your first consultation is one-on-one time dedicated to hearing out your case, difficulties, expectations, disappointments, and hopes. Our medical doctors will listen carefully and present caring advice and practical solutions that match your circumstances. After your consultation, you may choose to share with your primary health provider the treatment plan we recommend at Holistic Bio Spa. The treatment journey can be revised and adjusted according to your needs at any point prior to or during treatment.

Holistic Bio Spa is a medical center; therefore, your consulting doctor is responsible for your diagnostic/protocol. Consulting doctors listed on this website are not employees of Holistic Bio Spa. Our on-hand staff will always be attentive to your needs and follow the indications of your physician of choice and make you comfortable while you heal.

While holistic medicine is considered as an alternative to the traditional medical industry, all of our services and treatments still follow the same scientific principles and safety standards. We do extensive lab testing and work with qualified healthcare professionals. Therefore, in order to better assist you, it is advisable that new patients present any health records and tests. If you do not have one, we may request that you acquire it before your treatment begins. This can be done in either where you live or with our network of providers here in Puerto Vallarta.

These may include the following:

  • Medical records within the last 6 to 12 months.
  • Pathology reports from surgeries and biopsies.
  • Imaging studies from the last 12 months since you were diagnosed such as: MRI, CAT scan, Ultrasound, PET scan, PET/Ct
  • Your most recent laboratory test results (blood work and any other that you have)
  • List of all medications and nutritional supplements with dosages you have taken in the last 6 months to the present.


If you are having your initial consultation remotely with one of our doctors, the above documents can be shared in electronic format.


Holistic Bio Spa is the only cancer clinic in the world that provides 8 potentially curative treatments.

Team discussing how financing alternative medical treatments in Mexico is possible!

Financing Alternative Medical Treatments

Although Holistic Bio Spa does not independently offer financing for extensive treatment programs (such as stem cell therapy, treatments for cancer, Lyme disease, and other chronic illnesses), there is good news! We partner with select third-party agencies who help patients get the necessary funds to finance their alternative treatments and save their lives when they need it most! You may contact them independently at the addresses below:

American Life Fund offers immediate funds to individuals diagnosed with late-stage cancer or a life-threatening disease. Click play to watch the short clip explaining how it works!

Similar to how a home, a car, a boat, and artwork have monetary value and can be used for financial assistance, a patient's life insurance policy can also be viewed as a "tangible" asset for a viatical settlement in some cases. Inquire about the immediate fund "value quote" of your life insurance policy with zero obligations! After consulting (free of charge) with ALF's professional team, you may then decide what is best for you.

In many situations, having immediate funds to defray the burden of unplanned financial decisions as well as recovery and after-care living expenses have proven to be a sigh of relief to the thousands of families they have helped so far!

Contact Justin Pipon, American Life Fund representative
Direct line: 866-554-1620
Address: 3295 River Exchange Drive, Ste. #350, Norcross, GA 30092
View the agency PDF

Medical Bill Gurus is a third-party patient advocacy service that assists patients with the complex issues associated with insurance billing and bill preparation of alternative medical providers in Mexico, such as Holistic Bio Spa.

To make things easier, get a free medical bill evaluation with Medical Bill Gurus!Why?

Filing claims for out-of-network providers’ is a slippery slope and restoring your out-of-pocket medical costs can prove difficult without the right tools.

The process requires time, knowledge of claims processing, and thorough, detailed sensitive record keeping. If you have received treatment at Holistic Bio Spa within the last 10 months and have qualifying private medical insurance with elective international coverage, Medical Bill Gurus can assist you with preparing, submitting and following up with a medical bill to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses associated with treatment.

Berkshire Settlements offers viatical settlements (a form of life settlement) specifically for people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness. If you own life insurance, you may be able to use your policy now regardless of what kind of policy it is, or if it has any cash value. You may be able to cover all or part of the costs involved in your medical care; including travel, stay, and your actual medical costs!

Contact Berkshire Settlements

Marcus Ellis, your Berkshire representative, is a cancer survivor himself. He had stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and tells his cancer survivor story here in this video. You may also refer to their resources below to learn more about viatical settlements.

Phone number: 931.722.4949
Address: 154 Krog St NE Suite 135, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA
• Learn more about financing cancer treatment with a viatical settlement.
• View financial resources.

While some traditional medical treatments are reasonably priced and provide few to no side effects, others such as chemotherapy and radiation could represent a multi-million dollar long-term expense for some patients. Surprisingly, studies show that hospital bills and surgery are not the most difficult to cover, it is usually the follow-up and at-home care needed after. Even with insurance, many families have to face out-of-pocket expenses of over $40,000 dollars per year!

Knowing the nasty side effects and the financial burden on the patient and their families, many patients would love to pursue holistic alternatives but are limited because their insurance won’t cover these type of treatments. Not anymore!

That is why we partner with independent agencies to provide our patients with more options to fund their healing journey without crippling their family's economy. We also accept:

  • Credit card
  • Cash payment (get a 20% discount on most services if paid in cash!)


Stethoscope representing the medical alternatives offered at Holistic Bio Spa

Holistic alternative medicine is absolutely 100% safe and does not produce long-term negative side-effects. The same cannot be said about mainstream methods. We invite you to get to know our holistic difference, and view our patient testimonials. Feel free to send us a message or give us a call, we are ready to answer any concerns you might have!

Dollar sign representing cost of treatment

In the end, holistic alternatives are the most cost-friendly health-care method.

Since cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases are on a skyrocketing increase, successful treatment of these conditions will only become more expensive. In the future, providing a cure for chronic illness would bankrupt many government’s health care plans. So you are saving money by using alternative medicine that actually works and doesn't give you negative side effects.

To make your holistic treatment plan more convenient, we work with several agencies that provide immediate funds for our patients. We also accept credit cards and offer a 20% discount on cash payment.

Airplane and palm tree representing patients flying into Puerto Vallarta for medical alternatives at Holistic Bio Spa

Rest assured that Puerto Vallarta is one of the worlds largest medical tourist destinations for medical alternatives. Remember that what is presented in the media is often a misrepresentation of the truth. This paradise-like city is gorgeous and comfortable. We understand what is like to be in a different country and we make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible.

  • We can help arrange your lodging.
  • Cook two delicious and nutritious meals every day for you, personalized for your treatment plan to be successful.
  • We know the best restaurants and places to visit in town.
  • And so much more!

What patients think about the Holistic Bio Spa

‘‘I am so happy to have found this peaceful, professional, and modern site for getting IV drip of Vitamin C. In the same week as the American medical community has recognized Vitamin C reduces tumor growth, I found this place through my research since I have breast cancer in remission. The professional atmosphere and variety of homeopathic services at affordable prices are a wonderful surprise for me here in my new home in Puerto Vallarta.”

Brady Bevis Dresden • breast cancer survivor from California, USA

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After your consultation, you will be given a complementary stem cell treatment plan to review with your loved ones and primary physician. We will also help map out your healing vacation in beautiful Puerto Vallarta as an added perk for stepping up and taking control of your health.


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Health is not a destination, it is a journey. On this journey, we are your guides and cheerleaders to leading a plentiful life of whole-body & mind wellness. Ask us any questions you may have or contact us to start your healing journey.

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