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Many programs offer to treat your body with harsh antibiotics that can bring a lot of negative side effects. The Holistic Bio Spa and its team of experts provide you with the best comprehensive approach for treating Lyme disease, we naturally boost your immune system, decrease inflammation and manage the root causes of your symptoms.

Each year, approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to CDC by state health departments.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

A colonic helps get rid of all the toxins from your body.

How does it work?

We cleanse your colon by inserting large amounts of water (we infuse our water with oxygen and charge with a micro-current). Our nurses are there to walk you through the process and help you feel comfortable and secure during your therapy.

What are the results?

  • Energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Good sleep
  • Detox

  • Let our nurses pamper you and regain strength with our Colonic Therapy!

    Chelation Therapy

    Chelation Therapy

    Patients with Lyme disease, usually have a more difficult time clearing heavy metals from their body.

    Toxic metals feed inflammation, restrain the immune system and slow down the body’s detoxification systems. This sets the perfect scenario for Lyme and other chronic infections to take place in a body that becomes very toxic and without defense.

    Chelation Therapy helps to get rid of these toxins and heavy metals in the body, helping the patient get rid of fatigue and feel more energetic.

    Hydrogen Peroxide IV

    Hydrogen Peroxide IV

    Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy is an alternative treatment for Lyme disease that triggers the body's production of white blood cells, aids the body to break down calcium deposits within blood vessels, and modifies the waste products and toxins that are the by-products of cellular processes into a form that is easily eliminated.

    In addition, Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy helps form adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a nucleotide that is responsible for providing the energy necessary for the proper functioning of cells.

    Comprehensive Ozone Therapy

    Comprehensive Ozone Therapy

    Ozone therapy is used to safely inject small doses of ozone into the body and increase the production of oxygen and antioxidants in the body, contributing to recovery from Lyme disease by:

  • Detoxifying the liver
  • Decreasing uric acid levels in the body
  • Unclogging blood cells
  • Improving circulation in the body
  • Killing viruses and bacteria
  • Boosting the immune system

  • Usually, people with chronic Lyme disease need IV ozone three times a week.

    Medical Marijuana (THC & CBD)

    Medical Marijuana (THC & CBD)

    Medical marijuana has become approved in many states in the United States. Many countries are supporting the use of medical marijuana for a multitude of physical and mental ailments.

    At the Holistic Bio Spa, medical marijuana is being legally used to treat patients with Lyme disease and cancer.

    Intravenous Vitamin C for Lyme disease

    Intravenous Vitamin C for Lyme disease

    Intravenous Vitamin C associates with iron and other metals producing hydrogen peroxide. In large concentrations, hydrogen peroxide helps fight Lyme disease.
    Best of all, no matter how high the concentration, Vitamin C IV does not harm healthy cells.

    At the Holistic Bio Spa, we love pampering you! You can enjoy relaxing music and videos and a healthy snack along with some electrolytes with chronofile or your favorite smoothie from the Bio Bliss Bar! You choose!


    Additional alternative Lyme disease treatments

    • Kwasniewski's Ketogenic Diet
    • Emotional Therapy
    • Special Fast
    • Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
    • IV Phosphatidyl Choline
    • SCIO Quantum Biofeedback
    • Immunotherapy with Stem Cells
    • Biomagnetic Therapy



     Leg with the erythema migrans rash undergoing natural Lyme disease alternative treatments in Puerto Vallarta

    Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, that is transmitted to humans through a bite from an infected tick.

    The chances of getting Lyme disease from a tick bite depend on the type of tick, your location when you were bitten and how long the tick was attached to you, the CDC says that in most cases, the tick must be attached for 36 to 48 hours or more before the Lyme disease bacteria can be transmitted.

  • A rash that looks like a bull’s eye (scientific name: erythema migrans)
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle and joint aches
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • According to the CDC, symptoms can start between 3 to 30 days after the tick bite (average is about 7 days). The rash expands gradually and can reach up to 12 inches. or in some cases even more. It can also feel warm to the touch but is rarely itchy or painful.

  • Severe headaches and neck stiffness
  • Rashes on other parts of the body
  • Arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling, especially in the knees
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Intermittent pain in tendons, muscles, joints, and bones
  • Heart palpitations or an irregular heartbeat
  • Dizziness or shortness of breath
  • Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
  • Shooting pains, numbness, or tingling in the hands or the feet
  • Short-term memory problems
  • Book your Holistic Medical Consultation! Our medical team will be more than happy to share their expertise and answer all your questions.

    You are also welcome to read our article Lyme Disease: Know the Symptoms for more information.

    If you do decide to visit our beautiful clinic for advanced alternative medical treatments in the world-famous medical tourism location of Puerto Vallarta, you won't be disappointed!


    What patients are saying about the Holistic Bio Spa

    ‘‘I did a 3-week package of detox and immune treatments to address my chronic health problems: SCIO Quantum Biofeedback, colonics, foot detox, Vitamin C IV, ozone IV, massage. All these treatments made a big difference in my healing process. It’s a lovely and professional holistic clinic to heal mind, body, and soul.

    Elizabeth • Dallas, Texas

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