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Stem Cell Therapy For Knees

Regenerate your knee cartilage, heal a torn meniscus and ACL, and eliminate inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis with stem cell therapy for knees at Holistic Bio Spa! Exactly how can stem cell injections repair your knees? How much does stem cell knee injections cost? And does stem cell therapy really work? Let’s dive in to get the answers to these questions.

Does Stem Cell Therapy For Knees Really Work?

Yes, stem cell therapy for knees really works! A two-year follow-up of a 2020 clinical trial demonstrated that the knee of an osteoarthritic patient “improved significantly compared to the preoperative scores” when implanting umbilical cord-derived stem cells. With the protocol at Holistic Bio Spa, a single shot of 50 million mesenchymal stem cells will continue working in your body for months — even years — to reduce inflammation, regenerate cartilage naturally, and repair damaged bone, tendon, and muscle tissue rapidly!

Knee repair treatment with stem cells is an increasingly popular therapy in North America. In this video interview, Dr. Shapiro, an orthopedic physician, reveals a groundbreaking discovery for the international medical field. Stem cell therapy is now recognized as a safe, viable treatment for knee repair and natural cartilage regeneration!

‘‘Stem cells are the building blocks … they can go on to form things like bone, ligaments, cartilage. We just proved that we are able to perform this procedure!"

— Shane Shapiro, M.D., a Mayo Clinic orthopedic physician.

Stem Cell Therapy Successfully Eliminates Knee Arthritis Inflammation

To illustrate the effectiveness of stem cell knee therapy for patients with arthritis, consider the story of a real patient.

Meet George Chung.

George was a healthy, active 55-year-old man from Los Angeles. George loved skiing; in fact, he could take on difficult slopes for hours and hours — keeping up with skiers in their 20’s and 30’s!

But one day, the knee pain started. He tried controlling it, he tried pain killers for it, he tried living with it. The doctor’s diagnosis? Severe osteoarthritis. What would you have done in George’s place?

‘‘Skiing was my passion … I had been in pain of various degrees for 6 years."

— George Chung in a conversation with his physicians
  • George chose stem cells instead of surgery!
    Many of you are like George.

    Plagued with severe osteoarthritis and unable to be himself, he was told his only option was surgery to replace damaged tissue with a synthetic option. But George chose instead to go for an unconventional approach, a more natural, minimally-invasive approach. And you can make the same choice.

    George chose to get stem cell therapy for his knees. Why? To rebuild and regenerate the cartilage of his knees naturally without surgery.

    Stem cell therapy helped him avoid orthopedic surgery and prevented him from losing his identity as a strong, active man. You can choose the same outcome.

  • Why might you need stem cells?
    Why are you interested in stem cell therapy?

    Many athletes suffer acute or chronic injuries to the knee due to intense use over many years. Older patients like parents and grandparents feel the effects of aging or have arthritis. One month after another, the largest joint of the body—the knee— starts to suffer more and more.

    With stem cells, things can change for the better! Without surgery. Without living enslaved to painkillers.

    This is not some sci-fi fantasy from Doctor Who®. Mesenchymal stem cells have been proven to regenerate the body like nothing ever seen before! Stem cells can become any type of cell! Bones, tendons, nerves, brain cells, organs, skin, hair and muscle tissue can be repaired and regenerated at an amazing rate—not just knees.

    Most people are familiar with the concept of joint replacement surgery (cutting you open to provide a synthetic replacement or adjustment for your body). And it’s very common to rely on prescription drugs (taking synthetic chemical compounds to numb pain receptors or induce a favorable bodily response). But not many people think of taking stem cells when they are having degenerative knee problems.

    Now you safely can! So, what exactly are stem cells? How do stem cells benefit your joints?

Today, thanks to stem cell treatments on his knees, his knee cartilage regenerated naturally, he is out of pain, and he is even winning medals competing against younger athletes!
Collage of our medical and clinical staff at our practice caring for patients

What Can Stem Cell Therapy Do For Your Knees?

Mesenchymal stem cells are pluripotent undifferentiated cells that can become any type of cell in the body. These “mother” cells are 100% safely and ethically sourced without endangering human lives and can:

  • Repair a meniscus tear
  • Fix MCL and ACL tear
  • Regenerate cartilage
  • Eliminate inflammation
  • Heal the root cause of osteoarthritis and arthritic conditions
  • Rapidly create new tendons, ligaments, and even bone tissue
  • Continue repairing for 6 months to 2 years!

Stem cell therapy is a natural, minimally-invasive alternative to total knee replacement surgery or arthroscopic surgery.

Patients consulting with one of our health experts about alternative medicine treatments and financing

FREE Telemedicine Evaluation!

Zero commitments, zero judgments, and zero risk — just a free virtual case evaluation where you will meet with one of our Patient Advisors to make sure we can provide the right treatments for your condition (before you jump on a plane).

Subsequently, one of our doctors may conduct a medical review of your case:

  • HIPAA compliant review of medical history and lab results

  • Virtual consultation with an expert matched to your needs

  • Proposed treatment plan PDF with timeline and budget

So, are you ready to take control of your health?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Stem Cells Knee Therapy

How much does stem cell therapy for knees cost?

Contact our patient advocate team for a free treatment protocol and price estimate based on your medical condition. We offer mesenchymal stem cells and lyophilized placenta (a subcutaneous stem cell-rich implant that will help maximize results).

While our prices for stem cell knee repair are considerably lower than what you’d find in other countries, there are still many costs associated with stem cells. At Holistic Bio Spa, we are partners with the best certified Cryobanks in Latin America.

These certified stem cell laboratories are regulated by national and international laws to ensure that all phases of the culture and storage procedure are carefully conducted.

  1. They start by screening the healthy candidates
  2. Clinicians precisely and safely extract “mother” cells from the placenta
  3. These are harvested and replicate themselves in perfect laboratory conditions
  4. The final specimen certified for safety is delivery to our clinicians at Holistic Bio Spa

That is the peace of mind you are paying for.

Last but not least, who doesn’t love coming to Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, Bahia de Banderas on a healing vacation? We are located in the heart of one of Mexico’s most beautiful, peaceful, and thriving tropical tourist destinations.

  • Will it hurt?
    Generally, patients do not feel pain from the knee injection. A stem cell knee injection is comparable to an injection in the arm.

    We apply a topical anesthetic to slightly numb the injection area a few minutes before treatment. The 50 million mesenchymal stem cells are then put into a syringe mixed with the PRP or another saline solution. Finally, this solution is injected into strategic areas of the knee so as not to cause pain. The skin in that area is so thick that patients generally only feel slight discomfort, no pain!

    You can walk immediately after the knee shot and board a plane if you must. You may experience some stiffness or mild inflammation but this is normal for the first 24-48 hours.

  • How many sessions will I need?
    This depends on the amount of damage that needs to be repaired and your health condition. But generally speaking, 1 injection of 50 million mesenchymal stem cells produce remarkable tissue regeneration in just a few days. Some patients go from not being able to even walk, to jogging!

    The injection of 50 million stem cells will continue actively regenerating your damaged knee tissues for 6 months to 2 years! But not everybody is the same, so you may be advised to get a series of injections a few months or years apart.

    Note: Some studies even suggest that stem cells injected into the body can continue reproducing and repairing for your entire life! But these studies are still not conclusive. What is known today is that the benefits of just a single injection endure for years.

  • Is this procedure legal?

    Are stem cells legal in Mexico?

    Yes, stem cells are legal in Mexico and approved by FDA-equivalent authorities. View the legal certifications and documents of our cryobanks issued by governmental authorities.

  • Can I use insurance benefits or other discounts?

    How can I get stem cell knee injection at a lower cost?

    For all of our patients who choose to get knee cartilage regeneration with stem cells and holistic helper treatments, we offer a 20% discount if paid in cash. The same discount applies to most of our integrative health treatments.

    When you compare prices for ethically-sourced certified 50 million mesenchymal stem cells in Europe and the United States, you will not find anything near this comparably low price!

    We also work with third-party insurance providers who can get you reimbursement for your stem cell treatments at our clinic.

  • Insurance coverage and financing?

    Can I pay for stem cells with health insurance?

    You will have to check with your insurance provider what percentage, if any, they will cover.

    What if your insurance provider does not cover this type of regenerative medicine? Our third-party medical financing partners can help you maximize medical insurance coverage and benefits. They can also help finance all of your health treatments and stem cell injections.

  • Do I really need stem cells if the body already heals itself?
    Fact: Your body is super wise when it comes to knowing how to heal you. The problem?

    As we age our number of stem cells starts to dwindle (especially if a pathogenic agent is causing further damage). Kids scab their knees all the time and bounce back quickly. But as adults, we are left with fewer and fewer building blocks to make repairs. So some “less important” areas of the body start to decay rapidly.

    This makes sense because your body wisely wants to use your few remaining stem cells to repair your heart, your vital organs, and keep your brain functioning. Suddenly, an aching knee becomes of lesser importance.

    By harnessing the power of stem cells, you can give your body that healing boost it needs to regenerate at an unprecedented rate.

  • How are Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta different from other medical tourism locations in Mexico?
    Unlike others in high-crime areas such as Tijuana and Mexico City, Holistic Bio Spa is located in the heart of one of Mexico’s most beautiful, tranquil, and thriving tropical tourist destinations. No patient of ours ever complains about the safe, inexpensive, and paradisaic healing vacation they enjoy while here in Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta! You go on vacation and return home a healthier you… what else can we ask for? Sign me up!

    Note: Just because stem cell therapy isn’t as widely-recognized as surgery and prescription drugs, does not mean that it doesn’t work, nor that it is not a safe alternative. Nature has been around much longer than pharmaceutical companies, and it tends to do the job way better.

    Did you know? No other clinic in the world offers our complementing holistic medical treatments under one roof. We are the only one!

    Stem cells are a natural solution to many health conditions.

How Is Stem Cell Therapy Performed at Holistic Bio Spa?

Holistic Bio Spa’s team of doctors and clinicians combine their skills and experience in all disciplines of medicine. For what purpose? To make sure your body is in optimal condition to receive and adequately use the stem cells. This is how we do it:
Prepare the soil

Every good farmer knows that for something to grow, you need the right type of seeds and healthy soil.

So, our doctors conduct extensive laboratory blood tests for over 64 markers to determine which type of stem cells will work best for your goals and health condition. We then recommend various detoxing and metabolic-balancing treatments to maximize your investment. For example: cleaning your blood plasma by removing cellular waste and heavy metals, balancing your hormones, and a clinically personalized nutritional program. This preparation phase is a crucial factor because if the stem cells do not have the right building blocks and environment to create new healthy tissue, your results will be suboptimal.

Plant the seeds

Time to plant the seeds! Far better than options available in the USA, our doctors can administer 100% safe and ethical cellular therapies approved by the Federal Health Ministry such as exosomes, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), autologous stem cells, natural killer cells, and mesenchymal stem cells (from the placenta and umbilical cord) combined with holistic medical treatments to prompt your body to regenerate cells and tissues at a faster rate.

The stem cells will turn into healthy new cells, thus regenerating affected regions for several months. But it doesn’t have to stop there!

Fertilized growth

Seeds grow best when given proper nutrients and care. Therefore, our doctors will recommend additional treatments like intravenous medical-grade therapies with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, peptides, and trace minerals, NAD therapy, ozone therapy, high-quality nutritional supplements, and joint formulas to help your body to maintain a healthy, harmonious environment so that the stem cells can properly do their rebuilding work.

A single injection contains millions of stem cells that go to work regenerating your body 6 months to 2 years!

Nobody comes close to our holistic protocol for regenerative medicine with stem cells.

We understand that, while worthwhile, this is a big investment in your health. That’s why (unlike others) we don’t just inject stem cells in you and walk away hoping for the best. Our proprietary procedure for administering stem cells makes sure you get the best results possible. Watch how: 

Patient Testimonials: Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

I had a bike accident and I had been living my life with enormous pain in my hip. We made the decision ... treatment with stem cells. I didn't really know about it, but Dr. Zoli explained in such a great way. And the therapy ended with such a great, great thing, I just got back my life! I'm not living my life with constant, 24-hour pain in my hip!

Szilveszter • European stem cell therapy patient at Holistic Bio Spa

Came here for stem cell treatment and we are enjoying many of their other services. Love this place and the staff. All very kind, caring and professional. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Mary Reichert • patient review of Holistic Bio Spa on Facebook

How Do Stem Cells Repair The Knee?

Builders working on scaffolding: 1 dose of 50 million mesenchymal stem cells = 50 million workers rebuilding your body!
In a marvel of simplicity, stem cells are the body’s greatest gift because they enable us to repair any cell of the body!

Scientists and researchers explain that when applied to an arthritic joint (like your knee), this is how mesenchymal stem cells work:

  1. They develop (differentiate) into needed knee cartilage cells, thus rebuilding thick cartilage and damaged bone.
  2. Their presence suppresses inflammation, which makes arthritis less painful.
  3. The stem cells release specific proteins (called cytokines) that stop knee cartilage degeneration and decrease pain.
  4. Repeat.

Where To Get Stem Cell Therapy for Your Knees

If you’re wondering where is it safe, legal, and affordable to get stem cell therapy for your knees, then Holistic Bio Spa is the answer. Contact our stem cell therapy center & alternative medicine clinics in Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico to request a FREE consultation about stem cells to repair damage to your knees!
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