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Stem Cell Therapy In Mexico

Stem cell therapy at our alternative & regenerative medicine clinic in Mexico is a treatment option that stimulates self-healing on a cellular basis like never before! This fast-evolving medical initiative involves regenerating your body’s organs, tissues, and even neurological system with 100% ethically-sourced pluripotent stem cells. What is stem cell therapy? How do stem cells work? What conditions can it treat? Read on to get the answers.

The Regenerative Power of Stem Cell Therapy in Alternative Medicine

Couple smiling representing the safe and certified use of stem cells in our Alternative Medicine Center in Puerto Vallarta

At Holistic Bio Spa™, we offer many safe, ethical, and certified stem cell therapies that can treat, prevent, and cure a wide array of health conditions.

Stem cell therapy is an umbrella term within the regenerative medicine industry. As international stem cell research centers demonstrate, this type of regenerative healthcare with pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells is becoming recognized and legalized in many places around to world thanks to the over 20 years of ongoing unprecedented results in clinical trials.

Mesenchymal stem cells allow your body to heal and repair like it did when you were an infant. These stem-cells have the unique ability to become any natural cell in the body—enabling your body to regenerate and produce needed healthy cells to reverse or prevent health conditions. Our pluripotent stem cells come from ethically-sourced umbilical tissues of placentas by Latin America’s top federally-approved stem cell banks. The method of extraction and cultivation never damages nor endangers the unborn human baby or the pregnant mother.

What Can Stem Cells Do For Your Body?

  • Reverse autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases by 80% to 100%!
  • Speed up recovery time from injuries or surgeries, even preventing the formation of scar tissue.
  • Reduce pain—especially joint pain caused by chronic disease.
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility, and sleep quality.
  • Repair nerve damage and regenerate brain cells.
  • Increase collagen—when used for aesthetic procedures.
  • Reduce and restore hair loss.
Man in pain holding his knee brace - knee repair stem cells

Knee Repair

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Stem cells can heal a torn meniscus and ACL, reduce rheumatoid arthritis inflammation, and rebuild worn-out cartilage.

Man in pain holding his injured shoulder - stem cells for shoulder repair

Shoulder Repair

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Avoid painful shoulder surgery with mesenchymal stem cell injections in the shoulder. We also recommend rehab exercises post-treatment for best results.

Woman with wrist arthritis pain - wrist repair stem cells

Wrist Repair

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Fix carpal tunnel and arthritis by healing the joints, ligaments, and tendons in the hand and wrist.

Fight long COVID with alternative treatments at Holistic Bio Spa


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Stem cells enable your body to regenerate and produce needed healthy cells to reverse or prevent health conditions.

Senior couple discussing finances for medical treatment - stem cells for Alzheimer's, degenerative, and autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune, Chronic Degenerative and Neurological Diseases

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Worried about your future quality of life? Stem cells can regenerate new nerves, brain cells, and in some cases, reverse 100% the effects of Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s (to mention just a few).

Athlete woman in pain holding massaging her back with the spinal cord highlighted - stem cells for spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord Repair

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Repair spinal cord injuries, stroke-related brain damage, and herniated discs with mesenchymal stem cells painlessly and without surgery.

Mature couple playful in bed thanks to P-shot and O-shot with stem cells

P-Shot and O-Shot Sexual Wellness

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Re-ignite your libido with stem cells’ ability to renew tissue and blood vessels in the sexual organs, leading to improved orgasms and stamina.

Man in holding his chest from heart problems - stem cells for cardiovascular issues

Cardiovascular Issues

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Stem cells are drawn to inflammation to repair blood vessels and tissues. There are solutions for coronary artery disease, heart valve problems, and collapsed or weak arteries.

Beautiful senior woman with fresh tight skin - stem cells for anti-aging and rejuvenation

Beauty and Anti-aging

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Renew your DNA with anti-aging facelifts and skin rejuvenation for wrinkles and acne scars with mesenchymal stem cells. Make your skin like a baby’s again.

Beauty & Holistic Anti-aging Treatments

Note: To provide an accurate assessment, our doctors need to see photos of your face (frontal and profile) or other regions to be treated. When contacting us, please share a link to your pictures (i.e. on social media or publicly shared photos in a cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox). This way our doctors can provide a timely estimate for your treatment.

Example of the photo angles needed to provide a treatment estimate

Patients consulting with one of our health experts about alternative medicine treatments and financing

FREE Telemedicine Evaluation!

Zero commitments, zero judgments, and zero risk — just a free virtual case evaluation where you will meet with one of our Patient Advisors to make sure we can provide the right treatments for your condition (before you jump on a plane).

Subsequently, one of our doctors may conduct a medical review of your case:

  • HIPAA compliant review of medical history and lab results

  • Virtual consultation with an expert matched to your needs

  • Proposed treatment plan PDF with timeline and budget

So, are you ready to take control of your health?

Video Testimonials About Stem Cell Therapy

Click play and watch what respected peers in the world medical community and real patients say about the healing power contained in stem cells.

‘‘Robert looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘But Sandrine, these are adult patients—adults do not grow new nerve cells.’ And much to his surprise, I said, ‘Well, actually, we do.' Robert isn't a neuroscientist..."

– Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret

‘‘He said there is no cure, and I was pregnant with twins. It was absolutely devastating to know that I would be a mom and that I would eventually go blind.”

– Rosie Barrero, recovering her sight thanks to stem cell therapy

‘‘I was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2015. They said, ‘You’ve got cancer and unfortunately it’s metastasized to your liver and it’s also moved to your lungs as well.’"

– Tom Howing, stage 4 cancer vanished thanks to stem cell therapy

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

The term stem cell therapy can relate to several types of procedures involving the use of special undifferentiated “mother” cells that have the capacity to replicate, regenerate, and stimulate natural cells and tissues in the body.
  • What are exosomes?
    To increase the success rate of stem cell therapy, our doctors often use exosomes. Exosomes are like cellular coaches who help the new undifferentiated stem cell turn into the type of cell that your body needs and will accept.

    Exosomes are small particles found on the surface of the cell, they are responsible for carrying and delivering different kinds of information between cells. For example, known molecules such as RNA and protein can be the cargo that exosomes are transporting to your target cells. These bioactive factors (or cargos of information) essentially upregulate resident stem cells, which are found throughout all the tissues of our bodies and affect the phenotypic and physiological expression of our immune system.

  • Do stem cells work for cancer?
    For some types of cancer, yes, pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells and autologous stromal cells may help the patient cure the disease. This way your treatment can improve your good cells and destroy the rogue cells.

    For this to be successful, we also administer Natural Killer cells (NK), and exosomes in combination with a specialized stem cells for cancer protocols.

  • Do stem cells work for Lyme disese?
    Yes, stem cell therapy works for Lyme disease. Stem cells encourage the regeneration of affected cells and produce needed healthy cells, allowing your body to delay, stop, or even reverse the effects of Lyme disease.

    For select Lyme disease patients, we offer a free online consultation with one of our doctors.

    Send us a message!

  • What types of stem cells are safe to use in medicine?

    These are the type of stem cells we use at Holistic Bio Spa Clinic

    • Induced pluripotent stem cells
    • Autologous stem cells
    • Allogenic stem cells
    • Mesenchymal stem cells

    iPSCs are extracted from your own body, such as those involved in bone marrow transplants or various forms of prolotherapy, but these are limited to becoming that specific type of cell; in other words, an extracted red blood cell cannot become a brain cell, heart cell, nor a lung cell.

    Autologous stem cells are extracted, cultivated, and harvested from your own bone marrow. These marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (BM-MSCs) have a high success rate because they are already programmed to your DNA.

    Allogenic stem cells are extracted from a qualifying donor, cultivated, and harvested to generate high-quality stem cells for your body.

    Mesenchymal stem cells are extracted from the Wharton Jelly of the umbilical cord or from the placenta of healthy screened mothers and is done ethically, NEVER harming the embryo itself. These type of stem cells are responsible for the proper formation of organs, bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nerves, and more. With just one injection, we administer a dose of millions of stem cells! These mobilize quickly in the body looking for areas that need help and regenerates into those specific types of tissue or nerves. Almost instantly, the causes of pain, autoimmune diseases, and chronic degenerative disorders (like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s) begin to reverse. And that’s just one dose in the treatment protocol.

    Mesenchymal stem cells especially are teeming with 100% natural growth potential thanks to the wondrous processes during pregnancy and can:

    • Heal cancer-infected organs and tissues.
    • Speed up the recovery time from injuries or surgeries, even preventing the formation of scar tissue.
    • Reduce pain—especially joint pain caused by chronic disease.
    • Increase range of motion, flexibility, and sleep quality.
    • Repair nerve damage and regenerate brain cells.
    • Increase collagen—when used for aesthetic procedures.
    • Reduce and restore hair loss.
  • How are stem cells used at Holistic Bio Spa - Stem Cell Therapy Mexico?

    Once the right type of stem cell is identified for your condition, a highly-screened and tested concentration of the needed cellular samples are obtained from our world-class stem cell labs in Mexico. This sample is then carefully implanted, injected, or administered intravenously to copy the cells in your human DNA template of the affected area and produce healthy, new, strong cells in that region.

    Think of stem cells as hitting the reset button for your body, allowing your healthy cells to be loaded back into the system and flushing out the errors.

    So, in short, what does this all mean for you?
    You will experience a major difference in healing time, energy levels, and clarity of thought as your body heals from the inside out like it used to when you were a kid.

    Often used complementarily with our alternative treatments for cancer, degenerative neurological disorders, and other holistic health services, the success of stem cell therapy increases when the body has been detoxed and you are eating better.

    Schedule your consultation today!

  • Info for referring doctors and researchers: Are stem cells legal in the U.S.?

    Are stem cells recognized and legal in the U.S. medical field?

    In some forms, yes, stem cell therapy is recognized and practiced in the United States. Policies vary, yet a simplified form of this emerging therapy is already practiced in over 600 clinics in the U.S. But nobody uses this proprietary holistic method under one roof like at Holistic Bio Spa.

    Bibliography references: Cited clinical and medical sources for stem cell therapy

    Everything you will read on this webpage has been researched and backed by clinical proof.

Decorative image

Stem Cells: Uses & Functions in Medicine Today

  • Characteristics of stem cells

    Stem cells called are young, undefined cells that have the ability to renew themselves and turn into any cell of the body! This means these healthy stem cells (called pluripotent cells from Latin pluri- ‘several’ + Latin potent- ‘being able’) can be placed into another part of the body that is damaged and the cell will transform into the exact type of cell needed in order to repair.

    Unlike other mature “adult” cells, these stem cells divide and can naturally become another type of “specialized” cell. By contrast, mature adult stem cells, are present throughout our life as part of the body’s internal regeneration and repair system. These adult cells are “fully differentiated”, or ironically teased as “set in their ways”, meaning they can’t choose another career; adult stem cells are what they are and do what they do.

    On the other hand, ethically-sourced mesenchymal stem cells can stimulate rapid healthy-cell reproduction of heart cells, brain cells, muscle cells, skin cells, you name it.

  • Why use stem cells in alternative medicine?

    When sick, injured, or simply suffering from the decaying effects of old age, the human body works very hard to protect and heal itself. Millions upon millions of internal processes are signaling to create new skin, muscle, organ, and nerve cells so you can continue living. But the passing of many years, a serious injury, a chronic ailment such as cancer or a neurodegenerative disease are too much for your body to handle on its own. Stem cell therapy is like sending in an entire army that will help you win the war for your life.

    Properly controlled and guided by our specialists and medical team at Holistic Bio Spa, these stem cells can regenerate the joints of people who suffer from arthritis, help patients cure their lymphoma, and empower cancer patients’ immune system with ammunition to target and beat spreading cancer cells.

    Contact us to ask about our stem cell therapy options!

  • History of stem cells
    Back in 2006, a “breakthrough discovery” by geneticists showed how some specialized adult stem cells could be “reprogrammed” as virtually any cell type in the body and thus be used to help repair damaged tissue.

    In the last decade, researchers continue making history and today, our holistic health centers & cancer clinic now offers the same promising stem cell treatment options for patients who want holistic solutions instead of the traditional allopathic recommendations.

    Call to speak with a doctor +52 (322) 221 1607

  • What conditions can stem cells treat?
    With these unique regenerative properties, relatively any disease or condition can be treated or prevented today with stem cells. Keep in mind that stem cell therapy is rapidly growing among thousands of specialized research centers across the globe. New stem cell innovations and techniques that are being tested will only bring us closer and closer to the cure for many ”incurable” and degenerative diseases that plague humanity.

    As of today, this marvelous initiative is already saving lives and improving the quality of life in multiple treatment fields:


    • Arthritis and osteoporosis
    • Wound healing therapy after surgery or trauma
    • Heart disease including hypertension and atherosclerosis
    • Vision repair (not quite healing blindness, but close)
    • Diabetes and other pancreatic dysfunctions
    • Brain trauma and spinal cord injuries

    Learn more:

    It is important to remember that no single therapy—not even stem cell therapy—can be single-handedly be accredited to curing a disease. Rather, it is a holistic approach of natural medicine, complementary therapies, and diet and lifestyle changes that will help eliminate the problem, reinforce your body’s natural systems, and prevent the problem from ever developing again.

Patient Testimonials: Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

I had a bike accident and I had been living my life with enormous pain in my hip. We made the decision ... treatment with stem cells. I didn't really know about it, but Dr. Zoli explained in such a great way. And the therapy ended with such a great, great thing, I just got back my life! I'm not living my life with constant, 24-hour pain in my hip!

Szilveszter • European stem cell therapy patient at Holistic Bio Spa

Came here for stem cell treatment and we are enjoying many of their other services. Love this place and the staff. All very kind, caring and professional. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Mary Reichert • patient review of Holistic Bio Spa on Facebook

How Is Stem Cell Therapy Performed at Holistic Bio Spa?

Holistic Bio Spa’s team of doctors and clinicians combine their skills and experience in all disciplines of medicine. For what purpose? To make sure your body is in optimal condition to receive and adequately use the stem cells. This is how we do it:
Prepare the soil

Every good farmer knows that for something to grow, you need the right type of seeds and healthy soil.

So, our doctors conduct extensive laboratory blood tests for over 64 markers to determine which type of stem cells will work best for your goals and health condition. We then recommend various detoxing and metabolic-balancing treatments to maximize your investment. For example: cleaning your blood plasma by removing cellular waste and heavy metals, balancing your hormones, and a clinically personalized nutritional program. This preparation phase is a crucial factor because if the stem cells do not have the right building blocks and environment to create new healthy tissue, your results will be suboptimal.

Plant the seeds

Time to plant the seeds! Far better than options available in the USA, our doctors can administer 100% safe and ethical cellular therapies approved by the Federal Health Ministry such as exosomes, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), autologous stem cells, natural killer cells, and mesenchymal stem cells (from the placenta and umbilical cord) combined with holistic medical treatments to prompt your body to regenerate cells and tissues at a faster rate.

The stem cells will turn into healthy new cells, thus regenerating affected regions for several months. But it doesn’t have to stop there!

Fertilized growth

Seeds grow best when given proper nutrients and care. Therefore, our doctors will recommend additional treatments like intravenous medical-grade therapies with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, peptides, and trace minerals, NAD therapy, ozone therapy, high-quality nutritional supplements, and joint formulas to help your body to maintain a healthy, harmonious environment so that the stem cells can properly do their rebuilding work.

A single injection contains millions of stem cells that go to work regenerating your body 6 months to 2 years!

Nobody comes close to our holistic protocol for regenerative medicine with stem cells.

We understand that, while worthwhile, this is a big investment in your health. That’s why (unlike others) we don’t just inject stem cells in you and walk away hoping for the best. Our proprietary procedure for administering stem cells makes sure you get the best results possible. Watch how: 

Ask Your Holistic Doctor If Stem Cell Therapy Is For You

Remember that however promising, there is no magic cure for all diseases. Stem cell therapy at our alternative medicine center is always accompanied by complementary holistic therapies and lifestyle changes. Our doctors work only with certified cryobanks to get the right type of stem cells for your condition. Schedule a consultation to talk about how you can harness the healing power of stem cells!
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