40 Postulates About How Urine Fasting Benefits YOU

Jake Ames, MD, HMD.

  1. Urine fasting cures all carcinomas, sarcomas, leukemias, and lymphomas with or without urine injections.  It is the most economical way to cure all cancers. Urine fasting to cure cancers may work faster with other natural, adjuvant therapies typically used to cure cancers, excluding chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.  Surgery may be the exception in some life-threatening cases.
  2. Urine fasting cures all IgG and IgA food allergies with or without urine injections.
  3. Urine fasting cures IgE pollen, dust, house dust mites, house dust mite feces, environmental allergies, mold allergies, chemical allergies with or without urine injections.  However, urine injections with fasting are a more rapid treatment.
  4. Urine fasting with injections may or may not cure life-threatening IgE food allergies.
  5. Urine fasting lowers fibrinogen, CRP-HS and ESR (Urokinase)
  6. Urine fasting is the fastest and safest way to lose weight.
  7. Urine fasting increases HGH, all steroid hormones and their metabolites, and thyroid hormones.
  8. Urine fasting increase IQ (Intellectual Quotient), MQ (Moral Quotient), BQ (Body Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient).
  9. Urine fasting increases short term, intermediate term, and long-term memories, and thinking speeds up.
  10. Urine fasting makes one want to meditate.
  11. Urine fasting increases siddhis described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.
  12. Urine fasting helps to reduce cancer and arthritis pain.
  13. Urine fasting makes one closer to God.
  14. Urine fasting removes generalized arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis.
  15. Urine fasting prevents strokes and myocardial infarctions.
  16. Urine fasting increases libido either during or after the fast.
  17. Urine fasting increases one’s awareness of one’s diet and one eats less “junk food.”
  18. Urine fasting combined with the topical application of fresh or old urine removes seborrheic keratoses, age spots, and lubricates the skin.
  19. Urine fasting makes one’s eyes shine.
  20. Urine fasting removes intestinal parasites and yeasts.
  21. Urine fasting cures most infectious diseases including tuberculosis, malaria, fungal infections, viral and bacterial infections.
  22. Urine fasting may cure most autoimmune diseases in many ways.  One way is to cure leaky gut syndrome; another way is to cure food allergies; another way is to rest the intestinal tract from being exposed to bacteria, viruses, and fungi from our diet.  Another way is to detox the body of heavy metals and chemicals (many are in our fat).
  23. Urine fasting balances one’s pH to optimal (venous pH at 7.46)
  24. Urine fasting restores the Th1/Th2 balance.
  25. Urine fasting makes one appreciate music and art better.  It awakens dormant areas of one’s brain.
  26. Urine fasting combined with Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s diet cures Type 2 diabetes and most non-genetic diseases, as long as one practices regularly the fasting and the diet.
  27. Urine fasting cures diarrhea, but may at first cause diarrhea as one is detoxing and removing harmful bacteria, parasites, and fungi.
  28. Urine fasting cures cataracts usually in 14 days, some people need 21 days.
  29. Urine fasting may cure some cases of blindness (Armstrong, “The Water of Life” – Man fasted for 101 days).
  30. Urine fasting cures post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD) and all emotional traumas.
  31. Urine fasting heals the body according to Hering’s law:  (the basis of all healing) All cures start from within and go out to the surface (skin), from the head down, and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed.
  32. Urine fasting results in one’s urine becoming clearer and clearer each passing day.
  33. Urine fasting with urine compresses applied 24/7 are the best treatments for gangrene, insect bites and snake bites.
  34. Urine fasting increases one’s self-confidence.
  35. Urine compresses 24/7 is the best treatment for sunburns.
  36. Urine fasting removes excess mucus the quickest.
  37. Urine fasting promotes better sleep and one needs less sleep.
  38. Urine fasting removes heavy metals and toxins safer and faster than the FAR-IR sauna. I have not compared it to DMPS or EDTA, but it is free and very safe.
  39. Urine fasting repairs and detoxes all cellular membranes, facilitating the cure for cancer and almost every non-genetic disease.  The cellular membranes are the software; the DNA is just a library of book.  Books do not make decisions (Bruce Lipton – “The Biology of Belief”; Ed Kane – Phosphatidyl Choline). YouTube also Bruce Lipton Tom Campbell and YouTube Ed Kane Phosphatidyl Choline).
  40. Urine fasting does not cure ALS.  However, combined with Dr. Kwasniewski’s diet eating brains and spinal cords, the Deanna protocol, certain cannabis oils, and environmental protocols, it might cure ALS.
  41. Urine fasting repairs and helps the DNA/RNA produce the 600-700 proteins, amino acids, antineoplastins that are missing in cancer patients.


More Than 60 Medical References that Support Urine Fasting and Urine Therapy

The thought of using urine in medicine, either applying topically to heal wounds or by drinking it, sounds distasteful and ridiculous to some even in the medical field. This is why it’s important to do your own homework and to have an open mind. Some of the greatest theories and inventions in history at first sounded like heresy to critics, that is, until Galileo’s arguments were proved beyond a doubt.

Here are over sixty references from the medical industry of doctors and institutions whose conclusions support the medicinal properties found in urine:

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No part of this blog may be reproduced in any form without written permission. The content on this blog was written by Jake Ames, MD, HMD and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment by your primary physician.

30 Responses to "40 Postulates About How Urine Fasting Benefits YOU"
  1. Avatar Alex Rodriguez says:

    Dear Dr. Jake Ames:
    Thank you for this very truthful report on Urine therapy.
    There is nothing comparable to it. For over 12 years I have used it to maintain
    my health against all odds and gloomy predictions. Today I only take vitamins
    and no drugs at all. My testimony would be too long. I am now 75 .
    I can say at least that my skin cancer vanished like a bad dream in two days
    With only compresses and drinking Amaroli. No doubts here.
    I must say that include Coffee enemas in my arsenal against disease.

  2. Avatar Sol brillante says:

    ATTE Sol Brillante

  3. Avatar Tirtha says:

    I came to know urine fast & urine therapy is highly benefited for all disease. But I don’t know how to start.

  4. Avatar John Wagoner says:

    John Armstrong states in his book, that topical applied urine makes a good wound dressing, and healing occurs with little or no scaring. I can personally confirm this. Both stem cells and hydrogen peroxide can be found in human urine, both would promote healing IMO. John Wagoner

  5. Avatar Ricardo Nazal says:

    Hi Jake¡ Thank you very much for this amazing note. I’ve been doing urine therapy for the past 3 months and I love it. I recently learned that all of my ailments were related to heavy metal. Here you say it removes heavy metals but I am wondering, how is that possible when part of the heavy metals are excreted through the urinary tract? I am still doing UT and I really believe that it acts in ways we can’t comprehend but I was wondering if you had an idea how this works. Seding love your way.

    • Avatar janet says:

      Hello Ricardo.
      I too deal with severe heavy metal issues and was wondering the same. Have u still be finding good results with continued use?
      I’ve been doing it just a few weeks and have noticed improvents in energy. Was so very fatigued.

      • Avatar Ricardo Nazal says:

        Hi Janet¡ I hope you are feeling better. I’ve been drinking my first morning urine for about 9 to 10 months so far and I can tell you that I feel much better. I also did a 12 days urine fast where I lost 25 pounds. In the beginning after the fast, I was feeling very weak, but a few weeks later I started feeling stronger. If you are dealing with heavy metals you should know that you are deficient in many minerals and nutrients. I highly suggest you start eating plenty of meat (90% of my diet is raw meat) I also started supplementing myself with zinc(45iu) magnesium(1000mg) msm(6000mg) and I use dmso every other day on my skin to rid myself of pain. Nowadays, I feel way much better¡¡ Btw, I am only taking zinc for 3 months because too much can damage you. Another thing that helps me a lot is lugol’s iodine. I take 200mcg selenium, 150mg of lugols iodine 5% and 3 grams of vit c. You should also know that many people check their selenium levels before they start taking selenium because it’s easy to get selenium toxicity. I personally haven’t gone that way because I am doing the iodine protocol every other month (I’ve done it twice so far) and I will rest for 3 months before I start taking it again just to make sure I won’t become toxic and when I am not taking selenium I only take 1 drop of iodine (6.25mg) You should also know that you can’t take high amounts of iodine without selenium because selenium and iodine go hand in hand when it comes to convert hormone t4 into t3, and without selenium you could destroy your thyroid. Iodine has given me my energy back, I no longer need 12 hours of sleep anymore? I have become very active again and I recently started running again. I have my life back? Urine therapy is amazing¡¡¡ but it’s only 60% of what we need when it comes to heavy metals. I also suggest you age part of your first morning urine, it is extremely powerful¡¡ use it on your liver and heart, if you are intoxicated with heavy metals you definitely wanna rub it on your skin, just make sure to cover the jar up with a piece of paper instead of lid because if you use a lid the urine turns into acid(urine needs to breathe) You also wanna look up Andrew Cutler Chelation group on facebook, they don’t support urine therapy but Andrew Cutler was a very famous and respectable chemist that came up with a protocol using ALA and DMPS to rid the body of heavy metals. I haven’t tried it yet because you need to remove your amalgams before starting the protocol but it is the most efective method to remove mercury from our bodies. I wish you love?

        • Avatar Care says:

          Animal flesh stores heavy metals …animal flesh is unable to convert inorganic minerals (that is heavy metals) to organic minerals that the body can use. Only plants can turn inorganic minerals into usable minerals.

        • Nice comment Ricardo. I just would like to add that the other school of thought regarding mercury removal before or after getting rid of all amalgams is that by the proponents may be right that some amalgams from the unremoved amalgam in the tooth will be leached out during the chelation, I would say that 1, that some people have so many amalgams that they cannot afford to remove them all or some of them, and I meant by removing them properly with the bio dentist – otherwise they might do more damage – and 2, that even if the chelation process were to pool from the remaining amalgam in the tooth, the net effect of the overall mercury and/or other heavy metals removal should be a positive one. Just another thought.

  6. Avatar Mike Gish says:

    How timely finding this article is for me. In an attempt to heal my skin cancer I started a urine-fast yesterday. I’d started using baking soda to raise my PH the week before and it just seemed like the logical next step. I was only going to do it for one day but after reading this article I’m going to prolong it.

    I’m already raw, vegan, and organic; I warm everything to 110 degrees in a blender to get rid of absorption inhibitors, pre-sprout nuts and seeds to get rid of enzyme blockers and ferment almost everything (some things won’t ferment, like bee pollen and lemon juice) with a 34 strain probiotic which helps get rid of lectins, one of the causes of leaky gut. Since I started fermenting my eczema has cleared up, which is an autoimmune disorder that stems from leaky gut syndrome. All of these things help reduce naturally occurring toxins in foods.

    I’m 69 and workout almost everyday (when I’m not fasting). I’ve been doing urine therapy (bathing and drinking) for about 2yrs and attribute allot of my vitality to it.

  7. Avatar George says:

    Hello and congrats for your work. Every time i drink morning urine i have a strong pain in my bowel afterwards. Can you please explain to me what that means and why that happens?

  8. Avatar JJ says:

    Will it help with mites on the skin? I went camping and came home and I feel them crawling on my skin but I can’t see them! Please help??!!

  9. Avatar Evan says:

    All of this is true, from making my eyes glow, parasites, balancing my thyroid hormones. Increases my physical performance and endurance as well. If the heavy metal detox is true than that’s a miracle in itself. Combine this with dry fasting you got yourself all you need. This likely heals the kidneys especially combined with dry fasting and baking soda. I love the science in this article! It’s the best article I’ve found. This Makes me wonder if high level athletes are doing this, I know of a few UFC fighters who have done this daily. If anybody is interested in maximizing health and performance add me on Snapchat: Kimbonekarl

  10. Avatar Lindsey W says:

    I think there is a misunderstanding here, especially in a lot of your “medical references”– they are referring to “Urea” not “urine”– which are two different things. Urine is known for containing bacteria- Urea is a component in the urine- in high or low levels- depending on the person. Urea has had minimal positive effects in its individual form– but not ONCE has urine. Please make this obvious, as it seems you are greatly misleading people that urine has medical benefits, which has never been proven.

  11. Avatar Lindsey W says:

    I think there is a misunderstanding here, especially in a lot of your “medical references”– they are referring to “Urea” not “urine”– which are two different things. Urine is known for containing bacteria. Urea is a component in the urine- which can in high or low levels- depending on the person- so cant even be proven effective coming from urine. Urea has had minimal positive effects in its individual form– but not ONCE has urine. Please make this obvious, as it seems you are greatly misleading people that urine has medical benefits, which has never been proven.

    • WOW! Not “proven”?? If any of your loved ones had ever been in a mine accident or the millions througout history that has been drinking urine when no other fluid were available, or the many whom have cured them selves of the most horrible diseases, they would strongly disagree with you.
      I for one had cataracts, scheduled for surgery as “they” say, (whoever “they” are…) that cataracts cant be cured, at the end of the ninth day my ophthalmologist comparing it with the computerized before picture almost fell of his chair, asking me what I did. There were ZERO, NO sign at all of whatsover of any cataracts!!! Will I publish it? No, I dont want to improve the statistics of the 102 holistic doctors misterioulsy disapeared in the USA in the last 3 years.

  12. Avatar Willow says:

    I feel there is such a deep and wide misunderstanding, generally of holistic medicine within the allopathic medical field. If only eyes and minds could open enough to see the wider picture. ‘It has never been proven’, to me feels like a completely closed denial and I am always suspicious when I see or hear that phrase. There are many methods used in mainstream health that indeed have been proven and can be seen to be often dangerous – surgeries gone wrong, the extremely toxic effect of chemotherapy on the body, even overdoses of chemotherapy, misdiagnoses, to mention but a few. There is definitely a place for holistic medicine within this world and it would be amazing if mainstream could issue a ceasefire. My body belongs to me and I have the absolute capacity to make decisions about how I treat it. It would be also amazing if I could work with both methodologies, because both are useful and important.

  13. Avatar Pretzola says:

    thanks for this wonderful information and I’m glad I’ve started Urine Therapy 2 months ago…I’m about to do the fasting am still gonna experience great things…

    thanks again

  14. Avatar Alan Zink says:

    I’ve been diagnosed as having 3 Lumbar disc’s degenerated to the point where my extreme lower back pain from playing Golf 24//7/365 for the past 12 years is the end result. My Dr. showed me the MRI as clearly visible proof. I’ve been doing Urine Therapy for the past 7 years including numerous Urine fasts, the longest being 13 days and have not had a single sick day the whole time.
    I want to avoid having to undergo Lumbar Fusion and I’m wondering if a 40 day Urine fast could possibly help my Lumbar problem?

    • Avatar Griff says:

      Any luck/did you try it? I have lower back pain that cropped up recently, made it much worse by running, I’m 29 but my father has disc issues that you describe and I’m hoping to avoid that myself long term with a nice fast. He did the surgery and has improved his back with stretches/foundation exercises, however I’d rather solve the problem than have to do specific stretches for life, not that they aren’t helpful. I tried a 7 day fast on distilled water with solid results, saw improvement but not totally cured, regressed somewhat once I ate again. I am starting another fast today. The first fast had urine mixed in sporadically and so will this one, though it’s mainly distilled water during the day since I’m at work.

      Anyway let me know if you had any luck or have luck in the future w/ a urine fast, I will do the same.

  15. Avatar Don & Diana says:

    I am trying to cure my fatty liver disease through Urine Fasting intermittently. In two weeks I have lost 17 pounds and my eyesight has improved and no longer need my glasses for reading. I am 62 in a few weeks and Arthritis has had an awful effect on my life over about the last 13 years. I have noticed an obvious change in my energy and pain levels are almost gone. I am sold on the apparent improvements in my life. I cant wait to see how this will continue. If my wife will do it too then it will be Amazing to see her results. She has been gone because her sister has cancer over the last 2 1/2 weeks. I was 290 lbs. now I am 273 with no aches and pains !

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