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Thank you for choosing Holistic Bio Spa! We realize that you have a choice in medical providers and are pleased that you have chosen to seek care with us. The staff at Holistic Bio Spa strive to exceed expectations in care and service in order to make your experience with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our goal is to provide quality medical care in a timely manner. In order to do so, we have implemented office policies & procedures. With these regulations, we are able to better utilize the available time for our patients in need of medical care. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions regarding our policies.

Guidelines for Holistic Bio Spa – Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

 Office phone: +52 322 221 1607

 International phone: +1-805-819-5911


Nuevo Vallarta Address: Plaza Parabien, Local 16, Av Paseo de la Costa, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit 63735 Mexico


CALLS EMAILS AND MESSAGES: All calls and messages received are prioritized and aimed to be acknowledged in 24 hours. Should the seldom case occur you do not receive timely acknowledgement within this timeframe, please re-contact us and your servicing is escalated further.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY:  We are not a medical emergency clinic and as such are not equipped to handle after hours calls or contacts. While you are in treatments, your designated contact is personally on call to address any after hours needs should they arise. Please make sure you have their numbers at hand to be able to assist you should the need arise.

APPOINTMENTS: Holistic Bio Clinic is committed to providing quality care to our patients. To ensure timely continued care, we encourage patients to arrive to all appointments at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. While we do our best to schedule appointments appropriately and give all of our patients the time they deserve, changes to treatment plans can and do occur. For this reason, we kindly request your patience and understanding should a change or rescheduling of treatment occur.

  • Treatment Protocol Schedule: During your multi-day treatment protocol, staff will prepare you a printed schedule, which will show treatment start time each day and indicate your final day of treatment (in accordance with you and your departure date if from abroad). Until you receive this schedule, staff will inform you of your appointment time each day. 
  • Please note, schedules will include daily treatments and an approximate length of the treatments as time may vary from patient to patient. **Please note that times on your schedule may not always reflect actual times of treatments as it depends on the patient’s response to treatments etc. All patients respond differently, so please follow the schedule as a loose guide to your treatments for the day.
  • Self-Service Treatments – For treatments scheduled directly with the clinic not involving Doctor Treatment Protocols we also highly recommend making prior appointments as availability cannot always be confirmed for Walk-ins.
  • Punctuality: We appreciate your punctuality with regard to your appointment/treatment start hour. Please be aware that if you arrive early, you may be asked to wait in the reception area as nurses may be preparing treatments. Also, please be aware that sometimes there may be a waiting period as treatments can also run behind at times. We have a 20-minute grace period. If you arrive later than the 20-minute grace period, we CANNOT guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all of your treatments for that day. Please note that arriving late for your treatments may force us to adjust the duration of treatments accordingly in order to not affect any patient scheduled after. Cancellation penalties may also apply.
  • Late/No Show Appointment: In order to be respectful of the medical needs of our patients, please be courteous and call Holistic Bio Spa promptly if you are unable to attend and/or will be late to an appointment. Same-day changes may result in a cancellation penalty.

CHECK-IN: Please inform the receptionist at the main lobby upon arriving for appointments/treatments. Check-in is not possible directly in treatment rooms.

RELATIVES: One (1) person (friend or relative) can accompany the patient during treatments. This one person must wait in the waiting area or at the juice bar and is not permitted in the IV room nor private rooms with the patient unless specifically approved by medical staff.

IV TREATMENTS: For IV treatments and other self-care treatments, you will be assigned a recliner chair in the common IV rooms. Some private areas are available at an extra cost and subject to availability on the day of treatment.

ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: It is common that patients are prescribed additional supplements to enhance their treatment results. Some of these supplements are intended to amplify and make the body more prone to regeneration according to each patient’s wellness objective and treatments. We have a large selection of holistic supplements on hand and we are happy to facilitate these supplements to enhance your wellness experience. Supplements will be added to your bill. Please be sure to determine the duration of supplement recommendations as not all are intended to be permanent.

MEDICAL TREATMENTS FOLLOW UP: Depending on the nature of your medical protocol we may schedule a 30, 60, 90, or 180-day follow-up to see how well you have progressed. This follow-up may be done by one of our qualified patient advisors or a Doctor depending on availability. We look forward to obtaining your feedback and progress so our doctors may adjust or suggest additional aspects you can do from home.

RECLINER CHAIRS: The use of recliner chairs is exclusively for patients.

TRASH: Please put the trash in the white bag containers. The red bag containers are only for biological waste.

CALLS: We kindly request for all devices to be put on silent when entering the clinic. If you are to receive and or make personal phone calls while in the common area, please ask a nurse if there is a room available to respect other patients receiving treatments in the facility.

GOLDEN RULE: We maintain a respectful environment for our staff and patients. Please take this into account when communicating with them. Holistic Bio Clinic has a zero-tolerance for abusive behavior and cursing. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. We know some treatments require some level of patience but remember we are here to help you. If at any time you are not satisfied or feel discomfort that is not being addressed at the time of treatments, feel free to ask for a manager or doctor to assist you. Our staff is trained to escalate as we recognize that each person is unique, and reactions may not be directly evident to our nurses unless communicated.

  • Staff Roles: Each member of the clinic has a position. Please note what each person does to ask the appropriate member of the staff a particular question.
  • Zoli Hargitai, ND, MD Chief Director: Overall supervision of clinic and staff. Oversees all medical and homeopathic protocols. Zoli earned his naturopathic certification in Canada and is well versed in advanced ozone therapies, plasmapheresis, and state-of-the-art alternative medicine.
  • Christy LeBoeuf, Physician Assistant:  Christy specializes in the area of Anti-Aging and Beauty and responds to specific medical inquires on behalf of Zoli.
  • Sandra and Megan, Front Desk Patient Services patient scheduling and front desk services.
  • Natán Coats, Operations/Patient Concierge: Natán is available to assist patients with general questions/needs, so please feel free to ask him for recommendations or guidance with whatever you may need.
  • Ana Cordero, Patient Billing & Clinic Administration: If there are questions and concerns regarding billing, please direct them to Ana who will work with the clinic director, and they will be addressed promptly.

For our overseas patients and in order to assist and personalize your wellness time at the clinic, you may be designated a senior member of the team to be your direct contact for all aspects of treatment coordination and concierge services. Our goal is to assist our patients with a memorable holistic experience: To go above and beyond by making reservations for accommodations, preparing healthy meals, and provide transportation services, etc.; to provide recommendations, suggestions, and guidance; to have our amazing team of qualified and experienced staff assist you every step of the way. We all look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.



FORMS/LETTERS: We understand that, at times, various forms or letters may be required to assist you with your healthcare needs. The staff at Holistic Bio Spa will be happy to complete forms and write medical letters as necessary upon your request. However, because this can be time-consuming, please allow 7-10 days for the completion of requested forms/ letters.

PAYMENTS:  All treatments are payable in full upon completion. For multi-day protocols, 50% is required upon booking appointments and the remaining 50% prior to commencement.

BANK TRANSFERS AND DEPOSITS:  (Details to be provided by our admin team separately)




Vascular Catheter Insertion and Stem Cell Procedures: You must eat a few hours before receiving intravenous treatments. Your physician will give you specific details about schedules.

If the procedure will be performed in the afternoon, fasting is required 8 hours prior to the procedure (Please do not consume food nor water).

Blood Laboratory Tests: Fasting is required. If you are getting the test in the early morning, your last meal should be no later than 10 pm or midnight in some cases. During the fasting period, you may have only water, but no sweeteners or foods.

Urine & Stool Samples: Urine sample needs to be collected from the first urination in the morning (mid-stream).

Stool and urine samples are required to be delivered to the laboratory within 40 minutes post-collection.

MRI and X- RAYS: Our Patient Services desk staff will inform you of the fasting indications upon scheduling these for you.



General FAQs for Patients at Holistic Bio Spa

The Holistic Bio Spa is world-renown and we see patients from all over the world with most of our patients being from the USA and Canada and Mexico. Appointments book up quickly, and for this reason, please be prepared to pay in advance a 50% deposit for your treatments to secure scheduling and guarantee an appointment.




PASSPORT INFORMATION: To enter Mexico by plane, boat, or land, all (including companions and children) are required to have a valid passport or Passport Card. Most travelers as tourists are given 180 days (6 months) permission to remain in the country. Upon exiting the country, you will need to present your valid documents again. If you need a medical note justifying your entry into the country for medical reasons, we can provide it in advance.

Don’t have your US passport? Visit the official USA website for guidance on how to get one fast:

FLIGHTS: There are many major cities in the USA and Canada that serve non-stop or one-stop flights to Puerto Vallarta’s international airport PVR. The below map is for illustrative purposes only.


For patients traveling from Canada during COVID-19 restrictions, it may be necessary to simply book 2 sets of round flights for CA ↔ USA and USA ↔ MEX.




Located just 5 minutes south of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), Holistic Bio Clinic is your gateway to your healing in Puerto Vallarta.  Get Driving Directions

Location: Holistic Bio Spa is located inside Plaza Marina in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Parking: There is paid parking at the front parking lot of Plaza Marina.


Location: Holistic Bio Spa is located inside Plaza Parabien in Nuevo Vallarta, Bahia de Banderas about 20 minutes north from our Puerto Vallarta location.

Address: Plaza Parabien, Local 16, Av Paseo de la Costa, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit 63735 Mexico

Pick-up: If you have scheduled to be picked up at the airport by a member of our team, we will coordinate the details of your transportation before your date of arrival.



If you are a walk-in new patient, the front desk will introduce you to a Patient Advisor, where he/she will listen carefully to understand your wellness needs. If you are contacting us via our website, a Patient Advisor will reach out to you. We strive to contact back within 24 hours. If you do not hear from us in this time, feel free to contact us back and we will escalate you as a priority.


We will also have you complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and medical history intake form where you fill out details of your past and current medical history, along with any medications you may be taking.


Our standard is to provide you international patients an estimated treatment protocol and costs proposal within 72 hours of your initial Patient Advisor Review. If you are a local patient, we aim to complete this proposal within 24 hours after your initial doctor consultation.


Detox and wellness treatments such as IV’s and colonics, do not require a medical review and can be booked directly or through our Patient Advisor Team. One of our on-hand doctors will ensure that all such treatments are supervised and that the standards of application from our nurses are followed to our patient’s satisfaction.


Arrive 20 minutes early for your appointment. The doctors and nurses are usually booked back-to-back with patients.


Our policy is that you will be scheduled a specific time slot for your treatment. If you are late for your appointment, you will diminish the amount of time the doctor gets to spend with you and may not receive all your treatments that day.



 For treatment protocols that require a patient to be at the clinic several hours and several days consecutively, we recommend staying near the clinic. We can help you get the best rates on hotels & resorts nearby. We offer transportation service to and from hotels in the Marina area.


We cook nutritious meals, shakes, and healthy snacks on site and Meal Plans may be purchased in advance for these. We make this a holistic experience and allow you to focus completely on your healing journey.


Our Patient Advisor Team will offer you these options ahead of time and once you have confirmed and deposited for your recommended protocol, a Patient Service Representative is assigned to coordinate with you during the duration of your treatment schedule. This way you can focus primarily on yourself again without distraction for this dedicated period of time you are investing in your wellness goals.

Though our treatments seem miraculous at times, good health is earned and maintained by adhering to your wellness program, getting sufficient rest, and taking supplements recommended by the doctors. You are an active key participant in your wellness once you complete your treatments and for the future.


It’s helpful to see your visit as a valuable health investment.




Once the doctor has reviewed your health intake form, your blood lab results and any other supporting information you have provided, he will create a treatment protocol. These treatment protocols take time and expertise to create and are reviewed at length with you by our Patient Advisor Team.


Our Patient Advisor Team provides a quote of how much the treatment protocol will cost and approximately how long it will take to complete.


Once you have reviewed the treatment plan, all of our patients pay a 50% deposit. Once the deposit is paid and a date to start treatments is selected, you will receive a schedule of your treatments and Patient Service Representative is assigned to you.



If you are unable to make your treatment protocol appointments, you must provide (3) three business days’ notice in order to have the option to reschedule your appointment without any initial consultation fee that was paid to secure the appointment. Within three business days’ notice, we will happily reschedule your appointment.

To reschedule your appointment, you must contact your Patient Advisor or Representative assigned to you.  Self-serve appointments that do not require a medical consultation can be rescheduled directly at front desk or via email at

Cancelling Your Appointment

Due to the demand to see the doctors and the fact their time is very valuable, if you reserve an appointment and later decide to cancel it, your initial consultation fee will not be refunded.



We are truly fulfilled once we see our patients complete their initial treatment protocols. Yet, our goal is to go beyond this and maintain an equally close line of communication and assistance with the post-treatment protocol recommendations.


As an existing patient you will be contacted in 30-60-90 and 180 days by our Patient Advisors or representatives to determine how your evolution and wellness markers are. You can also contact us for any additional questions or concerns you may have through the features on this portal.


We want to ensure we have met and assisted you in your recovery and that you spread the word to other by leaving your comments on TripAdvisor or Social Media. It helps us grow our patient base and continue to invest in cutting- edge treatments and equipment that may be helpful to you and others in the future.


If you have any individuals in particular also that you would like to refer as patients, please send us their name and contact. We will inscribe and record you as a referring patient and earmark the new patient and you for recognition purposes. Feel free to contact us for additional information.



For international patients, the Holistic Bio Spa clinic can help you get a COVID-19 test with a local laboratory. Medical travel is considered “essential travel” and we can provide our patients with all documentation necessary for such.

Meeting the COVID-19 Testing requirements is as EASY as 1-2-3!

  1. Upon arrival we will schedule your COVID-19 test in advance within the time frame necessary for you to travel back.
  2. Perform your COVID-19 test nearby with approved labs by your airline prior to your departure from Mexico.
  3. Show your negative COVID-19 test results prior to boarding your flight back home.

Note: Antigen testing is complimentary. PCR testing is available at a discounted rate. Terms and conditions apply, subject to change without any prior notice.