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If money has held you back from getting the extensive treatment protocol you desire at our clinic, we have some exhilarating news to share that will surely make at least somebody’s hair bristle with excitement!

Unlock Your Journey with the Power of Financing

We listened to your feedback, explored new options, and connected the dots. We’re delighted to introduce you to another huge resource for those who may need it one day: Coaching Loan, our trusted partner in supporting your holistic health & wellness goals.

Why is this good news?

Because of the Insurance Conundrum.

As visitors or ex-pats in Mexico, we may find that certain insurance policies do not cover alternative medicine treatments. It’s frustrating, we know. But we can’t change those broken systems overnight. Before today, when a patient of ours needed an extensive protocol to treat a serious health concern or to dramatically rejuvenate and improve their performance (mental, physical, sexual), most of that required an upfront cost. After today, our patients can split their treatment costs into comfortable installments!

In 2 minutes, you can see how much financing you qualify for. With zero impact on your credit score.

  • Loans Up To $50,000
  • Rates Start At 5.99%
  • 24-60 Month Terms
  • Zero Pre-Payment Penalties


Why does this resource work?

When you add it all up, some people sadly spend so much more in co-pays and deductibles for years of prescription drugs than they would have spent in preventing or eliminating the health problem at its root. Others are unable to seize their life goals or generate more wealth because the illness has them in heavy shackles. Sometimes, you have to be your own advocate for your health.

You’re reading this, so you’re already an “outside the box” thinker. How so? You’ve done your research and already chosen alternative, natural, holistic medicine out of your own convictions and personal resources. And despite whatever “picture” is painted of Mexico by the media giants, you love the Puerto Vallarta & Bahia de Banderas area. For many of our beloved patients, a monetary investment that makes them live longer and better is a no-brainer with incomparable returns. Take for example, Michael, a patient who used to have bladder cancer before receiving treatment at our clinic. He candidly shared how he initially hesitated due to finances. Now, after experiencing remarkable improvements in his chronic condition through our therapies, he realized the true value of his investment—what price is there on a better, longer life?

This financing option may be another tool to your advantage.

Take a Deep Inhale and Explore the Possibilities

Curious to learn more about this transformative financing option and how it can pave the path for your wellness journey at Holistic Bio Spa? If you qualify as a US resident, visit this webpage to find out in just 2 minutes how much financing you qualify for and what options are available to you in the marketplace.

Similar to shopping for car insurance with a broker, this partner provides financing options tailored to your needs from a number of banks and financing companies. It’s a no-risk, hassle-free process that will empower you to embark on your holistic wellness journey. If money was holding you back, this small step can lead to profound transformations in your health and well-being. Remember, think outside the box to break through the barriers that hold us back from the joy of vibrant living.

Not a US resident? Refresh your memory on the other financing options we have at our clinic.


As your main supporters in aligning mind, body, and spirit, we are delighted to share with you this third-party resource that will support our patients of our clinic. All we seek to gain is a healed, happy patient, who in turn, will refer others to experience similar benefits. We hope sharing this resource is one day helpful to you or someone you love. Even if you never use it personally, we know you notice our efforts to go the extra mile in caring for our patients.

With warm wishes for your holistic wellness today and in the future,
The Holistic Bio Spa Team