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Holistic Bio Spa is pleased to announce that our dear Jaqui Karr is back. That’s right!!! She is back to tell us about her experience with the ionic foot detox and how she has benefited from detoxing and renewing herself. We are all ears Jaqui:


relaxed couple receiving an ionic foot detox



Ever since I discovered the infrared amethyst bed at the spa (You didn’t miss my article on the quantum biofeedback treatment, did you? No me diga! That’s ok. Suffice it to say, it relaxes you at levels you have never experienced). So for weeks now, I’ve been on a mission to sneak in and sleep on it overnight.

  • Tried to bribe the night guard: didn’t work
  • Tried to bribe the cleaning lady: didn’t work


So in my efforts to gain more intel I needed to find a way to spend more time at the spa. I scheduled 10 glutathione nebulizer treatments (You didn’t miss my article on this too, did you? My feelings are hurt, but you can make it up to me by telling Zoli to let me sleep on the infrared amethyst bed overnight. Promise you will? Ok, we’re friends again). So let me tell you about what I discovered during my covert operation under the disguise of nebulizer treatments…


Zoli was walking by as I was doing a treatment and the conversation went like this:


“Jaqui, why don’t you do the ionic foot detox while you are sitting there?”


“Zoli, I walk on the beach and swim in the ocean every day. The negative ions are detoxing me; I don’t need the foot bath, those are for people stuck inland”.


…One of the things I love about Zoli is that he’s not like the doctors in white lab coats that wag their finger at you and judge. He has more knowledge and experience than them, helps people in remarkable natural ways they can’t dream about, but he’s so kind about it…


He just smiled and said: “Why don’t you just try one ionic foot detox and see what happens.”


Hmm. Ok. So I did an ionic foot detox. I expected nothing major to come out since I knew the negative ions from the ocean detox you. My oh my oh my. Did stuff ever come out! And there’s only one word to describe it: YUCK (really technical word LOL). But seriously: yuck, yuck, double yuck. I can’t believe how much this tiny little device pulled out of my system.



So the question is: do you want that yuck stuff in your body or

in a  bucket that gets flushed away?



 feet detoxing and relieving the body


Here it is, what you do and how the ionic foot detox works

You do nothing (I always love that). Just put your feet in water like you would for a pedicure. They add salt and a tiny device that runs low frequency electrical currents in the water (you feel nothing). What you see: different story. Within minutes you’ll see stuff, yucky stuff. Within 20 minutes, whoa.


Let me warn you up front: if you look this up online, you’ll find all kinds of controversy on it and knuckleheads saying they don’t work and it’s just the water turning to rust. These are usually the same knuckleheads that tell you vaccines are good for you (they always give me a blank look when I tell them the UK, U.S. and Canada have paid out over $3 billion dollars – that’s a B – to families of vaccine victims, with gag order of course). Never pay attention to people who get off on so-called debunking (makes them feel important) and see for yourself.


When I had no access to the ocean, I used to do foot bath detoxes every year with my friend. Her diet and lifestyle are very different from mine. I’ve also gone with a client. The colors of toxins coming out of me were very different from theirs. I’d like the naysayers to explain that to me. If it were rust, it would always be the same color, same texture. It’s not. When I took my client with me, I was suspecting her health problems were coming from metals. Her water had sparkly little pieces on it; mine had none. I told her to see her doctor and get a blood test, sure enough, she was drowning in metals.


Colors in your ionic foot detox can be indicative of what’s going on with your body. You might need a liver flush or ease off on yeast-forming foods, etc.



The ionic foot detox doesn’t just pull off your toxins out of you, it communicates to you what’s going on with your body.



By the way, the resident expert on these foot detoxes is Alicia Partida. She’s the Director of Client Services at Holistic Bio-Spa. Talk to her for 5 minutes, and you’ll feel like you meditated for 2 hours. Her energy is incredible.


So I’ll tell you what Zoli told me five days ago: “Why don’t you just try one and see what happens.”

Call them, email them, send them a smoke signal. Tell them Jaqui sent you and you want to un-yuck your body with an ionic foot bath. Try just one and then you can decide if you want another. Bring a book, and enjoy the relaxing downtime as you un-yuck yourself.


P.S. I’m counting on you to vouch for me and tell Zoli to let me sleep on the amethyst bio mat longer!



About the Author: 

Jaqui Karr is a successful, media-featured Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Vegan/Vegetarian Dietitian on a quest to help millions looking for a better lifestyle find the diet they need to support a healthy way of living. Visit her website for a diet plan flexible to you!


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