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Life happens, help your body refuel with stem cell therapy at Holistic Bio Spa

Here’s a 30-second story to illustrate what could happen to our once-amazingly-vibrant body full of stem cells:

Once upon a time, there was a young wealthy man who inherited many crops. He was powerful. He was respected. He was happy.

He felt invincible.

Soon, a storm came and flooded 1/3 of his crops. In another region, a blazing fire destroyed another 1/3 of his crops. In response to these threatening events, he mobilized his workers to repair the damage. Lastly, because his workers were tending to damage elsewhere, the remaining 1/3 of his crops were infested with an insect plague.

These series of unexpected events soon left him in poverty. Powerless. A shell of who he once was.


Stories aside, in health, something similar may happen to our adult stem cells (the ones in charge of repairing our bodies and keeping us young and healthy).

That was the end of the 30-second story. If you would like to learn how to avoid poor health no matter what you go through in life, then continue reading below.


Let’s do a quick damage assessment:


  • Lived mostly in the suburb and rural areas.
  • Prepared meals with a natural stove or oven.
  • Consumed fresh, sustainable foods in variety.
  • Peaceful outdoors lifestyle.
  • Did not overindulge in alcohol and drugs.
  • Rarely took any pharmaceutical products.


  • Spent many years in a city or industrial area.
  • Used a microwave often.
  • Purchased processed pre-made meals regularly.
  • High-stress lifestyle or job.
  • Used alcohol and drugs extensively.
  • Regularly took liver-damaging medications.


So, If you were blessed to have more of a LOW DECAY lifestyle, we are so happy for you! Please cherish and protect the gift you own: your amazing body!

For others, we may have had little choice over where we lived and the foods we ate when we were younger. Perhaps we walked into these on our own. In any case, all of the items in the HIGH DECAY column cause premature cellular decay.


Pollution, radiation, poor quality foods, stress, sickness, and substance abuse are like the storms we have to weather, all the fires we have to put out, and the illnesses we fight in our bodies. All of these factors and more will cause damage to our cells. And our stem cells work hard to repair all of that damage to keep us young, healthy, and powerful.

But there is a limit… the more damage our bodies need to repair, the more stem cells are used and depleted.

Even if this is what has happened to some, it’s never too late. We can take control of our health and change direction. We can do what is needed to help our bodies repair the damage before we lose all of our “crops”.

The solution?

By choosing a low-stress lifestyle, seeking out quality foods, and limiting our exposure to harmful agents, we will do much to prevent and even mitigate any cellular damage that will lead to poor health.

But there’s more.

Getting stem cell therapy at Holistic Bio Spa is like receiving a whole truckload of cells that will repair, regenerate, and rebalance your health—without depleting your already scarce adult stem cells.

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