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Feel beautiful and confident by detoxing your skin

When you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, does your reflection make you feel beautiful and amazing? Or are there any changes in your appearance that you think will make you feel better?


Beauty starts inside, not in your mirror.

But, you may say, -“How can pimples make me feel more beautiful?”

During this post, we will examine how acne can affect our view of ourselves, what are some causes that may trigger it, what is the ultimate natural remedy to get rid of acne, and how to maintain your skin clean and healthy.


Why do I get acne?

A lot of people develop acne to different degrees. It is mainly a common response to hormonal changes during teenage years.

Whether you are a teenager, or you have that young spirit 😉 you might suffer from acne, which can cause individuals to develop low self-esteem.

Suffering from low self-esteem can cause you to:

  • Avoid making eye-contact with people.
  • Find it hard to form new relationships, especially with the opposite sex.

If you have suffered because of the physical appearance of acne in your body and the long-term scarring that can occur when acne is untreated. Do not let acne continue to affect your beautiful personality.



We attract what we think about the most.


Therefore, we want to focus on the positive and on finding natural solutions that will help us keep a smile on our face.

Since our skin is our outer mirror, it is telling us what is going on from the inside. Consequently, we want to get rid of pimples, not with chemicals or harsh treatments with many side effects, but by finding the root of the problem.

The colon, along with the liver, skin, kidneys and lungs, is one of the major stations for elimination in your body. If one of these elimination sites gets overloaded, then it puts more pressure on the other sites, like your skin.




Many people choose to undergo harsh treatments to get rid of acne. But after the treatment is over, their skin only remains spotless for a few months. They come to realize that all the money they spent on an expensive and painful treatment didn’t work. Why?

They are cleaning the surface, but they are not getting rid of the root cause.

Acne is an indication of a colon that cannot absorb enough Vitamin A due to the presence of toxins, mucus, and other unhealthy products in the colon. Colon hydrotherapy offers an approach to acne that does not include the use of medications or invasive medical procedures.





Colon hydrotherapy eliminates accumulated waste material that could overwhelm the body and trigger a variety of illnesses. Therefore, not only does it get rid of all the toxins in your body allowing your skin to breath, but you will also feel a lighter, healthier and happier you. This will bring contentment to your life and it will make you smile next time you look at yourself in the mirror.

The ultimate natural remedy to get rid of acne: clean your colon and enjoy a healthy life.




Do we only need to do one colonic and then we are set for life?

Imagine you just bought a brand new car of the year. You spent all your savings on your car, but it was worth it because you absolutely love it. Would you go around the city driving it without insurance and without giving it any maintenance? Of course not! You wouldn’t mind investing in the car you love!

Similarly, our bodies need constant maintenance. Wouldn’t you agree that your body is way more valuable than any material possession? Therefore we want to give it the care and attention it needs in order for it to last longer under the best circumstances.

It is recommended to detox your body at least twice a year. By maintaining a balanced diet and drinking good amounts of water along with a regular exercise routine your skin will glow!

Here are some scenarios we want to avoid that may worsen acne:

  • Manipulating (picking) acne lesions
  • Clothing (for example, hats) and headgear
  • Wearing heavy makeup. If you must wear makeup, try to find acne-fighting oil-free mineral makeup to help prevent worsening your acne while simply trying to hide it.

Always remember to:

  • Exercise often
  • Take time throughout the day to relax your body and mind



It’s easier to STAY well than to GET well

By giving your body the maintenance it deserves: your health will not only improve, but it will sustain you through an enjoyable journey in life.

  • Detoxing your colon
  • Balanced diet
  • Exercise often

You will enjoy looking at yourself  every morning in the mirror and the opposite sex will not be able to take his (or her) eyes off your glowing skin.

Let’s say goodbye to acne and hello to the new sexy YOU. Learn how to schedule a colon detoxing holistic health package at our holistic alternative medical center for medical tourism in Mexico.